‘F**k you’: Tennis pros nearly come to blows after match

An upset on the tennis court nearly morphed into a full-fledged brawl when Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev came together over the net for what is supposed to be a show of good sportsmanship.

Moutet, in the top seed, was beaten by Andreev, which one would think would make him rather happy. But as the pair approached each other for the traditional post-game handshake, that’s when Andreev nearly started a fight.

He slapped Moutet’s hand forcefully and pulled him in for an aggressive shoulder bump that landed on Moutet’s chest. The players approached the end of the net by the umpire, and Moutet shoved Andreev and proceeded to walk toward him. They swung at each other a couple of times, but the umpire descended from his stand to break up what was surely about to come to blows, and Andreev stalked off.


Moutet reportedly defended himself on Instagram, claiming that Andreev swore at him.

“When a player says ‘f–k you’, twice while looking at me in the eye, I can’t help but make him understand in my own way that is not done.”

He also called out the crowd for applauding his opponent, whom Moutet claims wanted to take the fight outside – or at least off the court.

“[The crowd] applauded the player at the end of the match,” he lamented. “Maybe, for you these are acceptable things. For me, no. In any case, he threatened me and asked me to wait at the exit of the court, which I obviously did.

“I had trouble finding him for 10 minutes. Indeed, he was hidden on the other side by 6 security people. I heard your threats so when you get out of the room where they hid you, I’ll be happy to see you carry them out. So, I’m waiting impatiently, we can talk calmly.”

Sierra Marlee


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