Youngkin calls out Pentagon’s $104M gift to China

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is expressing “serious concerns” about the plan to use $104 million in taxpayer money to add solar panels to the roof of the Pentagon.

In a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the Virginia Republican questioned the wisdom of the installation of the panels, a part of Joe Biden’s Green New Deal agenda, when there is no “stated requirement that such panels be made in America using American technology.”

“This decision has significant implications for U.S. national security and brings into question whether American taxpayer dollars will be used to purchase solar equipment from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our greatest economic and geopolitical rival,” the letter reads, according to Fox News Digital which reviewed the document.

In January, the Defense Department announced the plan to install the solar panels which it touted as a part of the Biden administration’s efforts to “reestablish the federal government as a sustainability leader.”

The Pentagon is one of 31 sites that will be receiving $104 million in Energy Department grants according to a PBS report from January, with other locations slated to receive the green energy panels, including the U.S. Army Garrison in Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Maui Air Traffic Control Tower in Kahului, Hawaii.

The governor has expressed concerns about the plan and noted that “companies highly influenced or controlled by the CCP dominate the global solar supply chain,” referring to the Chinese Communist Party’s dominance in the industry, which he stressed makes it vital that the DOD “require that military procurements for solar panels must come from verified domestic manufacturers with trusted supply chains.”

Youngkin also “highlighted other issues in addition to the national security implications, noting that Chinese solar panels have a higher carbon footprint than U.S. producers and often rely on forced labor to build them,” according to Fox News.

“I seriously question the prioritization of this investment and the national security implications of this potential procurement,” he said in the letter. “If this proceeds, I strongly urge you to ensure any hardware installed on the roof of the Pentagon is manufactured in the United States and the component materials are domestically sourced.”

“We have a moral obligation to the people that defend our nation, to their families, and to the American people to provide modern and efficient facilities,”  Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said in a January statement.

“The Department of Defense manages one of the nation’s largest real property portfolios,” she added. “Our buildings support where people live, where our forces, allies, and partners train, and where our families raise and educate their children. Promoting the operational resilience of our joint force and improving quality of life for our people are top department priorities.”

“When it comes to decarbonizing our economy, it is vital that federal agencies walk the talk and put our money where our mouth is,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s top government climate zealot.

Chris Donaldson


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