‘You’re one of them!’ Megyn Kelly zings ‘dumbass’ Joe Scarborough over Biden attack on party ‘elites’

Podcaster Megyn Kelly set President Joe Biden and his media allies ablaze after a series of “rehearsed” interviews.

(Video Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Coming off of a disastrous campaign performance and the inter-party calls to step down that followed, Kelly accused the president of trying to “save” himself with a series of interviews aimed at revamping his public image. However, the facade came crashing down when it was revealed that some of the interviewers were fed questions directly from the White House, an act that resulted in the axing of WURD Radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders.

But it was comments made during his call-in to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that sent Kelly over the edge.

“Frankly, I can tell you right here from this seat, the same is true of Morning Joe. Guaranteed,” the host said. “It was rehearsed. It was understood between them where exactly they’d go with this interview, and the choreography of the whole thing was set between the sitting president and his BFFs posing as some sort of journalistic figures over MSNBC this morning.”

At one point during his discussion, Biden and Scarborough teamed up to bash “the elites.”

“I’m getting frustrated by the elites — not you guys — the elites in the party. Oh, they know so much more. Any of these guys that don’t think I should run, run against me. Announce for president, challenge me at the convention,” Biden ranted

This didn’t sit well with Kelly.

“So Joe Scarborough, this morning in his interview with the president if you hear the questions, he goes on like ‘the elites, the politicians, the press, they’re calling on you to step out of this race, these people who think they know better,'” she mocked. “You’re one of them, you dishonest dumbass!”

Then it was time to bring the receipts. Kelly played a montage of Scarborough waffling between being unapologetically pro-Biden, highlighting his tragic debate performance, and then back to defending the president.

“It’s unbelievable! ‘Thank God we know in June! Hey, you know what… actually it’s only July… don’t make the decision in haste anything could happen. He could turn this whole thing around,'” she joked.

Kelly then praised Trump for having “the most discipline he’s ever shown in his life” by staying silent and letting the media focus on Biden’s performance.

“It’s exactly the right move. [Biden’s] trying to bait him into saying something so he can shift the story off of himself,” she pointed out.

Sierra Marlee


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