Newsom slammed for ‘zero self-awareness’ after bragging about confrontation with Target employee

California Governor Gavin Newsom recounted on a Zoom call Wednesday an incident when a Sacramento-area Target employee blamed him for the out-of-control shoplifting epidemic in the state.

He got his fur up over the worker blaming him. The woman evidently did not realize at first who she was talking to. The petulant bureaucrat then went to the employee’s manager and complained. Newsom’s lack of self-awareness and pettiness in this instance is simply gobsmacking.

San Francisco reporter Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler posted the clip to X. In it, Newsom told those on the call a story of someone shoplifting at the store and then his bringing it to the attention of the employee.

She told the governor, “Oh, he’s just walking out, he didn’t pay for that.”

Newsom then recounted, “I said, ‘Why didn’t you stop him?’ She goes, “Oh, the governor.’ Swear to God, true story, on my mom’s grave. ‘The governor lowered the threshold, there’s no accountability.’ I said that’s just not true. I said we have the tenth toughest, $950, the tenth toughest in America.”

“No one gives a damn about that,” he angrily complained.

Many would contend that Newsom is lying, evidenced by businesses fleeing the state over rampant theft and crime.

He wasn’t done either, “She said, ‘Well we don’t stop them because of the governor,’ and then she goes, she looks at me twice, and then she freaks out, she calls everyone over, wants to take photos. I’m like, ‘No, I’m not taking a photo, we’re having a conversation. Where’s your manager? How are you blaming the governor?’ And it was, you know, $380 later and I was like, ‘Why am I spending $380 when everyone can walk the hell right out?’”

Again, many would say that maybe it’s because his policies have incentivized criminals to do so.

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer, Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson, and Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan all laughed it up on the call knowing full well what the truth of the matter actually is. The meeting ironically dealt with a mental health proposition.

“Newsom this month announced a host of new law enforcement measures to crack down on a growing retail theft problem that stops short of changes to Proposition 47, the 2014 criminal justice reform measure that lowers penalties for drug and property crimes. Critics have blamed Prop 47 and other such measures for a rash in retail thefts,” the East Bay Times reported.

Newsom has repeatedly denied any responsibility for California’s worsening crime problem as major stores continue to flee San Francisco, where Newsom previously served as mayor,” Mediaite also pointed out.

“Shoutout to this store clerk for saying to the governor’s face what every Californian has wanted to say: that he and his radical @CA_Dem buddies are to blame for CA’s surging crime,” state GOP Chair Jessica Millan Patterson asserted on X. “Sadly, Newsom still didn’t seem to take the hint.”

“Criminals don’t fear consequences for their actions,” Patterson told The Mercury News, “and faced with that reality when visiting Target, Newsom chose to lash out at a store clerk for not stopping retail theft instead of taking accountability for his own failures.”

It’s unknown if Newsom going full Karen and ratting the woman out to her manager got her fired but it’s certainly possible.

Users on X couldn’t resist chiming in:


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