ZING! Liz Cheney gets KO’d after sparring with Mike Lee over Ukraine funding

Rejected Republican politician Liz Cheney made yet another bad decision over the weekend when she decided to spar with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) over a pending bill that will send $60 billion taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

“If just 41 Senate Republicans oppose cloture on the Ukraine aid bill tomorrow, they can stop it from passing,” Lee said Saturday in a tweet. “Democrats can’t pass this thing on their own. Republicans have to help them do it.”

Sadly, there is no shortage of moderate Republicans willing to align with Democrats, beginning with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Cheney got her sidelined neo-con self into the game when she went at Lee for opposing more funding for Ukraine, proving in the process that she still has Russia in her head: “[Sen. Mike Lee] is hard at work trying to lose the war in Ukraine and Make Russia Great Again.”

This is the familiar argument for D.C. war hawks who insist that anyone who doesn’t want to keep pouring billions of dollars into a corrupt country to support a war they cannot win is a Putin lover.

Sen. Lee has been around long enough to know the game.

“Ah, so you’re suggesting no one could have any objection to the Ukraine aid bill that doesn’t involve trying to help Russia. How clever. How original. Is that really all the Military Industrial Complex™️ can come up with?” he replied.


Lee spoke for nearly four hours from the Senate floor on Saturday in opposition to a bill that would provide $60 billion to Ukraine, $14 billion in security assistance to Israel, $9 billion for humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine, and $4.8 billion to the Indo-Pacific.

This is the bill that was stripped of any protections for the southern border with Mexico — Lee called for new GOP leadership in the Senate over the bill, saying it is time to replace McConnell.

“I think all of us would like to see Ukraine just win. We can’t wish it into existence. We can’t just dump enough money into it to make it happen, ” Lee said from the Senate floor. “On the contrary, economic aid by some measures, it is proving to be a colossal waste of money.”

Social media users jumped at the chance to spew venom at Cheney, who many see as a turncoat over her feud with Donald Trump.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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