Hillary Clinton, New York Times turn on Biden, raise concerns about his age

In another sign of growing problems for President Joe Biden’s reelection hopes, a top Democrat as well as the party’s foremost propaganda organ are now raising questions about his age.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledged that the octogenarian leader’s age is a legitimate issue as voters continue to have serious concerns over whether the rapidly declining 81-year-old is mentally fit for another four years in the White House.

“I talked to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it’s an issue, but as I like to say, ‘look, it’s a legitimate issue,’” Clinton told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner in an interview last week.

“I think Biden also should lean into the fact that he’s experienced and that experience is not just in the political arena,” added Clinton, a malevolent presence who can never be completely ruled out as a potential candidate if the party pulls the plug on Biden. “It’s like, the stuff of, you know, human experience, character, wisdom…I think he should be willing to really pull that out … and I think he should kid more about it.”

Mrs. Clinton’s remarks came prior to the devastating report by Special Counsel Robert Hur who declined to bring charges against Biden over his mishandling of classified documents because of his failing memory and the unlikely prospect that a jury would convict a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” words that drew a savage response from Biden and his surrogates.

Not exactly helping his case, Biden held an emotionally charged press conference after Hur’s report was released and promptly mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico, the third time in less than a week that he confused world leaders.

Compounding Biden’s woes is the sudden concern expressed by The New York Times about his condition with the paper’s editorial board pointing out that he’s “the oldest person ever to serve as president, is the oldest ever to run for re-election,” and that he’d “be 86 at the end of his tenure” if he runs and wins in November.

“Mr. Biden’s performance at his news conference on Thursday night was intended to assure the public that his memory is fine and argue that Mr. Hur was out of line; instead, the president raised more questions about his cognitive sharpness and temperament,” the paper noted. “His assurances, in other words, didn’t work. He must do better — the stakes in this presidential election are too high for Mr. Biden to hope that he can skate through a campaign with the help of teleprompters and aides and somehow defeat as manifestly unfit an opponent as Donald Trump, who has a very real chance of retaking the White House.”

In another New York Times piece, columnist Ross Douthat asked, “The Question Is Not If Biden Should Step Aside. It’s How.”

“Joe Biden should not be running for re-election. That much was obvious well before the special prosecutor’s comments on the president’s memory lapses inspired a burst of age-related angst. And Democrats who are furious at the prosecutor have to sense that it will become only more obvious as we move deeper into an actual campaign,” the columnist wrote.

Also piling on at the Times was longtime columnist Maureen Dowd whose criticism of Biden’s snubbing of one of his grandchildren helped push him to acknowledge the existence of Hunter Biden’s lovechild, little Navy Joan Roberts.

Dowd wrote, “stealth about health is no longer possible, and the sooner President Biden’s team stops being in denial about that, the better off Democrats will be.”

“Biden is not just in a bubble — he’s in bubble wrap. Cosseting and closeting Uncle Joe all the way to the end — eschewing town halls and the Super Bowl interview — are just not going to work,” she added.

Stubborn as an old mule, Biden is dug in and won’t go no matter how obvious that it becomes that he’s senile. Now he may have no choice after losing The New York Times and soon others may jump on the “Joe must go” bandwagon.

Chris Donaldson


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