‘Like a scene out of a movie’: Witnesses tell of ‘insane’ San Fran Nordstrom’s robbery by up to 80 thieves

As many as 80 looters donning ski masks and armed with crowbars and other weapons stormed into a Nordstrom store near San Francisco over the weekend in […]

Texas AG Paxton sounds alarm over another massive migrant caravan approaching US

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is warning that Mexican officials are essentially allowing another massive migrant caravan to stream towards the United States, adding that there is […]

Rittenhouse posts by James Madison University filled with inaccurate absurdities

After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder and other charges on Friday by a Kenosha, Wis., jury, that led to a hampering of scientific progress, according to […]

It’s official: Majority of Americans blame Biden for higher prices, shrinking paychecks

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, many are experiencing so-called ‘sticker shock’ at the grocery store as they are forced to pay for just […]

In bid for Texas governor, Beto O’Rourke provides sad update on pledge to ‘take’ your guns

When he ran for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination last year, Robert Francis O’Rourke,nee “Beto,” pledged that he would take away the most popular sporting rifles from […]

Biden embellishes again in recounting ‘having had a house burn down with my wife in it’

‘Uncle Joe’ Biden appears to have told another of his tall tales. Last week while speaking on a bridge in New Hampshire touting his infrastructure plan, he […]

Tucker Carlson celebrates after his work drives never-Trumpers Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes off of Fox News

Dominant Fox News host Tucker Carlson does not appear to be losing any sleep over the departure of two of the network’s longtime contributors, Jonah Goldberg and […]

‘Person of interest’ in custody after SUV plows through Christmas parade in Wisconsin; 5 dead

Police and other authorities have a “person of interest” in custody after an SUV slammed into Christmas parade marchers and spectators in a Milwaukee suburb on Sunday, […]

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