‘Quite the track record’: Lois Lerner ‘lackey’ tapped to head ‘centralized’ office for 87,000 new IRS agents

The Internal Revenue Service will establish a centralized office to implement elements of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that allows for the hiring of nearly 87,000 new […]

Biden admin forgives $1.5 billion in loans from for-profit college that lied about credentials, promised jobs

Reagan Reese, DCNF The Department of Education (DOE) is relieving $1.5 billion in student loans for students previously enrolled in any Westwood College location, according to an […]

Fact checkers want folks to stop calling Beto O’Rourke’s bacterial infection ‘monkeypox’

OMG. Sometimes, given the state of politics today in America, the abbreviation for “oh my god” is all one needs to say. Beto O’Rourke, aka Robert Francis […]

California Dems pass a bill that could pay fast food workers up to $22 an hour

Jack McEvoy, DCNF Democratic legislators in California passed a bill on Monday that will create an unelected state-run board to impose minimum wage and working conditions standards […]

PA’s John Fetterman steps on a ‘racist’ rake, argues ‘people of color less likely to have ID’

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is a typical liberal elitist who sees minorities as a lesser element unable to compete in society. The Democrat running for U.S. […]

Camera catches Ohio man fatally shoot daughter’s ex-boyfriend amid attempted break in

A Ring camera video captured the fatal moment a concerned father shot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend who was trying to break through the front door of […]

Heavily armed Antifa stand guard outside ‘kid-friendly’ drag queen show in Texas

Masked, black-clad Antifa activists armed with AR-style rifles showed up in force in Texas, of all places, on Sunday to presumably protect a child-friendly drag queen “brunch.” […]

Violent mob attacks Chicago PD responding to street racing, forces officers to retreat

Police have been so thoroughly demonized by the left that in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and New York, the criminal element thinks nothing of boldly attacking cops […]

Best political cartoons: Quick, build the wall!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:  

TIPP Insights: Doug Mastriano, a Confederate uniform, and the lame press

  By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights Few days ago, Reuters bre astoryabout Doug Mastriano, the conservative Republican aspirant for the Pennsylvania governor’s race. The New York […]


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