50 Cent claims black men ‘identifying with Trump’ over RICO charges as Georgia case put on hold

Rapper 50 Cent told a reporter on Capitol Hill Wednesday that black men are more likely to identify with former President Trump over his RICO charges, sending a collective chill down the Biden campaign’s spine.

He was on The Hill to support black entrepreneurs and to advocate for a larger black presence in the liquor industry with lawmakers. Naturally, reporters didn’t give a rip about that… what they really wanted to know was if President Biden was losing the black vote which looks more and more likely this time around. The Left’s hopes were further dashed by 50 Cent who confirmed their worst fears. The rapper backed Trump in 2020.

While leftists keep parroting the meme that Trump is now a convicted felon, in some voters’ minds that isn’t a minus… it’s a plus.

CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion asked the rapper about who he would support in the upcoming presidential election. He told her he hadn’t made his mind up yet but as far as the black male vote is concerned, that demographic leans toward Trump.

“I see them identifying with Trump,” he bluntly told Killion, “because they got RICO charges.”

(Video Credit: M101 News)

The rapper is a liquor store owner and he felt that his visit went very well on Capitol Hill.

“This is really exciting for me. I got a chance to meet with both sides today, and it feels really good,” he commented, according to USA Today. “[Lawmakers] don’t agree on a lot of stuff, and so to get them to agree on seeing me was an accomplishment in itself.”

“My experience here has been great,” he emphasized. “I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody, and it’s really exciting. The response I got makes me feel that there’s bright days ahead of us.”

Meanwhile, as Trump’s political persecution in New York is actually winning him votes, the Georgia Court of Appeals has put his racketeering case on ice until it can be determined if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be booted from it or not. That case will not be heard until October and therefore will almost certainly not be decided before the upcoming presidential election.

Willis was allowed initially to stay on the case despite Judge McAfee finding “a significant appearance of impropriety” due to her romantic relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, who defendants contend she financially benefited from appointing. Wade has since stepped down from the case but the defendants argue that doesn’t get Willis off the hook. They assert it “is insufficient to cure the appearance of impropriety the Court has determined exists.”

Returning to the RICO issue and black voters, 50 Cent has commented on it before. About five years ago, he admitted that he would rather face murder charges than RICO, according to hotnewhiphop.

(Video Credit: NNN)

“I don’t like RICO,” the New York native remarked during an interview. “I don’t like conspiracy. Give me homicide right now. I’ll take a homicide right now… Those [RICO] laws were designed for you not to escape them.”

That statement turned out to be rather prophetic for Trump.


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