6 trustees suspended from charity service for ‘proper lunacy’ of believing men can’t breastfeed

After trustees pushed back against a breastfeeding charity’s pressure to include men, the group’s response was called out as “proper lunacy.”

The biological denialism of Marxism’s gender cult found a new pliant partner willing to entertain their ideology in lieu of its own purpose. In fact, the effort to prostrate to transgenderism through the elimination of women’s spaces was so pronounced for La Leche League of Great Britain (LLLGB), they suspended six trustees from their charity service for opposing support of “male lactation.”

Speaking with the UK’s The Telegraph, one leader from LLLGB reacted to the pressures from the charity that was meant to provide mother-to-mother support relating to challenges with breastfeeding and related topics.

“Many breastfeeding supporters like me feel utterly disheartened by the way our charity has become obsessed and sidetracked by sex and gender issues. In the most recent diktat, we were informed that our charity is not and ‘cannot become a single-sex’ charity,” the leader stated.

“We had already been told that the term ‘mother’ could be a ‘roadblock’. Any attempt to question or debate those positions is hounded down as ‘harmful’. But these are not small changes or ‘additive’ terms to our messaging: it is fundamentally problematic to delivering on our philosophy as a charity,” she continued. “Crucially, it is not in the interests of mothers or babies.”

Promoting the idea that men who utilize hormones to mimic lactation should be allowed in the women’s only spaces was challenged as a violation of UK law, and the leader expressed to The Telegraph, saying, “This is not about excluding; it is about safeguarding the vital breastfeeding education spaces that must exist for women if we are to help increase our internationally low breastfeeding rates — and, just as importantly, help women to access the right support.”

Spiked’s chief political writer Brendan O’Neill was not as tempered when he ripped the decision from the international charity and said, “This is proper lunacy, isn’t it? Avoiding the word mother in some discussions about breastfeeding is like dodging the word footballer when talking about football. It is mothers and mothers only — adult human females who have given birth — who breastfeed. As to the idea that breastfeeding support groups should not be single-sex — one despairs.”

“It’s hard to think of any other arena more deserving of single-sex status than a breastfeeding support group. New motherhood can be hard. Breastfeeding can be tough. Women need a space where they can talk about it all,” he contended before tearing into the rainbow jihad. “It is testament to the d*ck-swinging narcissism of the trans ideology that it is willing to lay waste even to the social good of assisting nursing mums, all in the name of never offending men who mistake their hormone-pumped moobs for real breasts.”

In their own statement on the suspension of the trustees, La Leche League argued, “The continued promotion of LLL as an organisation that excludes people is damaging LLL’s credibility.”

Meanwhile, social media users were firmly set that the charity had done that to themselves as calls for an end to funding were interspersed with slams against “Child abuse & fetishism.”

A spokeswoman for the Charity Commission told The Telegraph, “We have received correspondence from groups of trustees, alerting us to a disagreement among the charity’s board about the way in which the charity delivers its services. We are assessing the information to determine whether this is a matter for the Commission as regulator to become involved in.”

Kevin Haggerty


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