Rubio continues push for visas to be yanked from pro-Hamas campus protesters

Denouncing the “total chaos” nationwide from the “weak and…feeble president,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) offered a definitive solution to tamp down campus violence.

(Video: Fox News)

After days of escalating anti-Israel protests at colleges across the country that swelled after months of demonstrations, President Joe Biden issued a toothless statement drawing a distinction between peaceful exercise of First Amendment rights and violent activism.

Joining host Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday,” Rubio called for actions to back the delayed platitudes with a reminder about what the government can do to foreign nationals in the country as guests.

“If you are here in this country as a visitor on a visa, and you are defacing statues of George Washington, ripping down American flags, putting up Palestinian flags, you should have your visa revoked and eliminated,” said the senator as he called for foreign rabble-rousers to get shipped home.

Bream made mention of Biden’s Thursday remarks as she indicated a lack of public response from the Department of Justice. However, Rubio maintained fault with Biden who he argued, “should have been very clear about whose side we’re on from the very beginning.”

Recounting some scenes, the senator described, “I saw another video of a Jewish student who had to get police — had to basically shame the police into escorting him so that he could go into an area of the university where he had every right to be because of these zombies, these antisemitic left-wing nutcases that the president should have been very firm about.”

Referring to all aspects of America’s situation, from the borders to campuses, the Florida lawmaker asserted it was “total chaos, because we have a weak and we have a feeble president who cannot communicate and refuses to take a strong line on this because he’s afraid of people voting against him in November who support these crazy ideas.”

The position to suspend the visas of those violently protesting and expressing support for Hamas has been voiced by others in the months since the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel, including Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who had reiterated his stance in April saying in part, “You have a right to protest. You don’t have a right to harass other people. You don’t have a right to put a target on someone’s back based on their religion or ethnicity, and if you’re doing those things, you’re gonna be shown the door.”

As the New York Police Department expressed they were investigating who was behind organizing the movements in the city, Rubio drew a connection between the leftists who’ve vocalized their favor for the cause of Hamas and Biden’s own unwillingness to take firm action, “Look, there’s a bunch of Democratic donors, major Democratic donors who are behind the groups that are funding all this.”

Meanwhile, the senator had previously pointed out that the $95 billion foreign aid package would facilitate importing more foreign nationals from the Middle East to the tune of $3.5 billion. In other words, Biden had signed off on potentially bringing more terrorist sympathizers to the US instead of sending away those already here.

Kevin Haggerty


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