A look at what’s coming for us: Tucker highlights tyranny in Brazil after Biden admin helped elect pro-Chinese regime

The latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s podcast concerns the leftist tyranny that’s taken over Brazil since the election of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“Little less than two years ago, we went to Brazil to cover the presidential election then in progress. The incumbent president, Jair Bolsonaro, was running against a former president [and] convicted felon who’s very close to the government of China called Lula,” Carlson said as the episode began.

“And as you wandered around the country, went to its biggest cities, you really got the feeling if this election goes to Lula, this place is going to in very short order become a police state. People are going to go to jail. Democracy is going to end. The media will no longer be able to report honestly and openly, and the Chinese government will have undue influence over Brazil,” he added.

Sadly, Lula won, and Carlson’s predictions quickly came true. For proof, Carlson turned to former Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, who’s a “well-known legislator in Brazil.”


The interview began with Carlson asking Eduardo Bolsonaro whether Brazil is still a free democracy.

“Sure not anymore. We have people got censored not only on social media. You have people exiled living here United States. For example, I’ll tell you the names so you have no doubt what I’m talking about,” Bolsonaro replied.

He then named three Brazilian journalists who are living in the United States “because they cannot work anymore in Brazil” and “also because you always have the risk of being arrested by the Supreme Court.”

“To be honest, not the whole Supreme Court, but one justice called Alexandre de Moraes. He had opened an investigation for more than five years persecuting usually conservatives,” he said.

“So these gentleman [the three journalists] … they are living here because they are shutted down in Brazil. Alexandre de Moraes, this Justice, he cannot even let this person have a Twitter or Facebook account in Brazil. If you are in Brazil and you don’t want them to see what they are posting, you need to turn on your VPN,” he added.

This bombshell admission prompted Carlson to ask whether the Biden administration has spoken out about these human rights abuses.

“OK, so the Biden administration is a great protector of democracy and human rights around the world — they tell us that every day,” he said. “And yet their close ally, the Lula government, is shutting down press freedom and forcing journalists into exile. Have they said anything about this has the State Department complained about any of this?”

“I never listened something about that,” Bolsonaro said.

He then described how he and other Brazilian congressmen have been working with U.S. congressional Republicans to expose what’s happening in Brazil to the rest of the world.

“What we are doing, we are receiving some support from congressman from the Republican Party, for example Marjorie Green, Chris Smith, among others,” he said.

“We had some conversations last year and we expecting to this year come back to the Congress in a bigger delegation of Brazilian congressmen to have a hearing in a commission inside of the Congress to at least tell all around the world what is going on in Brazil,” he added.

Continuing the discussion, Carlson then addressed Brazil’s own veritable Jan. 6th riot, which occurred on Jan. 8th, 2023.

“You had a supposed attempted coup on the democratically elected government in Brazil, the Lula government, and conveniently, a bunch of Lula’s political opponents wound up in jail,” he said. “Is that a fair summary of what happened?”

“Yes!” Bolsonaro replied. “And the funny thing, Tucker, is that they say that it was attempt of a coup, but no weapons were arrested. There was no support from police or armed forces.”

“So in fact, it was a protest that went far away. I do not agree to people breaking the doors of the Congress or the Supreme Court ,whatever. but these people now is getting punishments of 17 years in jail,” he added.

“Seventeen years for protesting? And may I say, it’s pretty clear that your election was stolen by the Lula government. I think that’s fair to say from the outside. It looked stolen,” Carlson replied.

“Yes, yes, I have my opinion. This is a very sensitive issue. I have to take care about my words,” Bolsonaro said.

“Why would you have to take care of your words?” Carlson then asked.

Bolsonaro replied that a Brazilian congressman was jailed for nine years for publishing a video speaking “bad words” about the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Watch the rest of the interview on the social media platform X.

Vivek Saxena


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