‘A sad day for America’: Pro-Hamas mob tries to force its way into World Trade Center

Like a freakish full-circle moment in American history, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters descended on the front entrance to the World Trade Center’s Oculus, forcing the site of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil to shut down on Thursday.

Manhattan was overrun by Hamas sympathizers, some of whom organized a funeral procession for the children who were killed in Gaza.

“About 1,000 joined the ‘Flood NYC for Palestine’ emergency march as it overwhelmed several landmark lower Manhattan locations, including City Hall, Zuccotti Park of the Occupy Wall Street movement fame and the Bank of New York Mellon headquarters,” the New York Post reports.

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The radical Islamists chanted the familiar call for the destruction of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Like demented Dr. Seusses, the crowd cried, “Israel you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide. Israel what do you say? How many kids did you kill today?”

One protester carried a sign with a message for President Biden: “Genocide Joe has got 2 go.”

The event was organized by Within Our Lifetime, a “Palestinian-led community organization that has been building the movement for Palestine in NYC since 2015,” according to its website.

“Join us to demand an end to attacks on Palestinians from the streets of Tulkarm to the shores of Gaza, we unite to end the attacks on our Palestinian brothers and sisters,” the group wrote on X.

The organization’s founder, Nerdeen Kiswandi, spoke to the enormous crowd at Zuccotti Park before they swarmed the streets.

“Without US backing, without US support politically, financially, in the media and so many other ways, the Palestinian resistance would have defeated Israel a long time ago,” she claimed, according to The Post.

“But it’s this country that’s waging a genocide against the Palestinian people,” she continued. “It’s this country, the United States, that sent the weapons manufactured by US companies, paid for by our tax dollars – my and your tax dollars – that have killed upwards of 10,000 Palestinian children.”

Immortal Technique, aka Felipe Andres Coronel, a Peru-born rapper who has repeatedly spoken out in favor of Palestine, spoke to the crowd at the Financial District park.

“It’s important for us to acknowledge that Israel takes orders from the United States, that it’s resupplied by the United States, that it doesn’t do anything without the say-so and the get-go of the United States,” he said. “So when the United States says it doesn’t want a regional war and Israel wants a regional war, just remember the words of the Godfather when he sat there and he said, ‘No, Tattaglia was a pimp. He could have never outfought Santino. I should have known the whole time that it was Barzini.’ Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the United States pulls the strings.”

“Protesters marched the two blocks toward the Oculus, where they surrounded the front doors and reiterated their usual chant: ‘Free, free Palestine,'” The Post reports. “Police officers were seen inside the doors blocking civilians from walking out into the crowd, instead directing them to other exits further from the protest.”

“This isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a wake up call to the dangers of radical extremism,” wrote one user on X. “We cannot stand by and let this be our new normal.”

“Radical extremism has no place in our society,” the user continued. “It’s high time we unite against such actions. Share the truth, spread awareness, and let’s demand action.”

Kiswani riled up the mob a second time, outside the BNY headquarters on Greenwich Street.

“The bank has caught the ire of pro-Palestinian ralliers several times for investing millions in shares to defense contractor Elbit Systems, which supplies weapons and technology to the IDF,” explained The Post.

“Just yesterday we saw a handful of activists, maybe 20 people, shut down the terminal that is going to the Israeli flights,” Kiswani shouted. “They shut it down to send a message to the world that the Palestinian people that we have no freedom of movement, that we don’t have the right to return.”

“They did this on their own to send a message. They stood in front of the Israeli terminal. They shut down the highway to the terminal for 30 minutes and it made worldwide headlines,” she told the crowd. “It took 20 people, it took 30 minutes, to send a message.”

“The movement ended with praying at Foley Square,” The Post reported. “No arrests were made, according to law enforcement sources.”

Meanwhile, thousands of elderly Jewish pro-Palestinian protesters wore all-black and, marching to the beat of a drum, “silently laid to rest 500 effigies of dead children in the middle of Times Square to mourn the scores of Gaza and Israel’s children killed after Hamas attacked Israel,” according to The Post.

The group also expressed their grief for the Israeli children who were slaughtered at the hands of Hamas on Oct. 7, but “the event sympathized more heavily with the Palestinian people,” The Post notes.

(Video: YouTube)

“Stealing the lives of thousands of children is unconscionable. We are here to add to the millions of voices worldwide insisting on an immediate permanent ceasefire,” Ros Petchesky, one of the organizers, said in a statement. “This is a matter of conscience for all human beings. How can we live with ourselves if we don’t do everything possible to end the horror of this genocide?”

Melissa Fine


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