Pro-Hamas activists put on Gaza show at the White House – reviews were brutal

Protests to pressure President Joe Biden into intervening in Israel’s war against the Hamas terror organization in Gaza show no signs of going away before a ceasefire is called and their tiresome antics are making activists into a parody of themselves.

In the latest performative theatrics from petulant brat activists, several demonstrators got together in front of the White House where they staged an enactment of their version of what life is like for Palestinians during Israel’s efforts to eliminate the terrorists, complete with a baby doll and gallon jugs filled with fake blood.

Footage of the silly little skit was shared to social media by one activist whose bio shows her as being devoted to the cause of ending the “illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine,” which like “from the river to the sea” is a way of calling for the eradication of the Jewish state and its people without actually saying it.

In the short video, one woman clutches the baby doll as another activist throws down blue powder seemingly to represent an Israeli bomb exploding. The actress rolls over to play dead, tipping over a jug of the red liquid which spills out on the street as others dressed as reporters are seen. Additional activists crumble to the ground, also spilling their faux blood.

The reviews rolled in and they were absolutely brutal.

Judging from the reactions, there isn’t much chance that the stunt is going to change many hearts and minds or sway people to support the terrorists over America’s most important Middle East ally.

Chris Donaldson


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