Aaron Rodgers claims Big Pharma isn’t spending tons on advertising to sell products, it’s much more devious

Greenbay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sat down with mega-podcaster Joe Rogan and spilled the beans on what Big Pharma is really after and declared that he is willing to risk everything, to tell the truth.

It all began in 2021 for Rodgers when he revealed that he was unvaccinated after claiming that he had been “immunized” against COVID, according to CBS Sports.

On Rogan’s podcast a year later, Rodgers admitted that he gave intentionally vague answers about the jab in 2021.

I’d been ready the entire time for this question and had thought about how I wanted to answer it,” Rodgers told Rogan at the time.

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“And I had come to the conclusion I’m gonna say, ‘I’ve been immunized.’ And if there’s a follow-up, then talk about my process. But [I] thought there’s a possibility that I say, ‘I’m immunized,’ maybe they understand what that means, maybe they don’t,” Rodgers stated.

“After the NFL denied Rodgers a medical exemption from the vaccine, the Packers quarterback said he went through an ‘immunization process’ supervised by a holistic doctor instead of getting vaccinated. He said he did not want to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and was allergic to an ingredient used in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines,” the Western Journal reported.

Adding to the controversy surrounding Rodgers, he has also branded Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” because he appeared in a COVID-19 vaccine commercial.

Rodgers called out Kelce for a public debate on vaccine efficacy with vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. backing him up in his arguments. Kelce would be supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. That pretty much went nowhere.

Rodgers once again sat down with Rogan this week on the “Joe Rogan Experience.” They discussed the backlash against Rodgers over his stance on vaccines and Big Pharma.

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“You either stand for something — stand courageously for what you believe in — or the opposite side of that is either saying nothing or being a coward,” Rodgers contended. “And I wasn’t willing to do that.”

“I’m going to continue talking about this stuff because it’s important to me,” he asserted. “And I don’t want the memories to be lost. I don’t want what I went through to get brushed over.”

Look at my situation, I lost friends, allies in the media, millions of dollars in sponsorship because I talked about what worked for me in my own beliefs and my own health reasons why I didn’t get vaccinated,” Rodgers told Rogan.

“I think it’s an important responsibility to continue to speak up and use my voice to give other people the permission to stand up as well. Because there’s a lot of people that believe a lot of things that I believe in that don’t have the opportunity to do it, don’t have the courage to do it, don’t have the platform to do it in. And I feel like I can speak for some of those people and hold the line for some of those people,” he commented.

“Why these drug companies, Big Pharma, are spending so much money on advertisements during the news is not to sell their products — they don’t have a problem with that,” Rodgers said. “It’s to control the messaging. They’re f***ing controlling the message.”

He was adamant that anyone who spoke out against Big Pharma and their advertising would be smeared for being “anti-science.”

“What RFK wants to do, kind of the dismantling or the reforming, realigning of the CDC and the NIH and some of these alphabet companies who’ve been lying and misleading the public for so long, you know, he would get absolutely slaughtered by the media,” Rodgers claimed.

“Why? It’s not because they actually believe that,” he remarked. “But because who’s paying them? It’s those companies, so they can control the message.”


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