‘Actions… meet consequences’: Woman with heavily tattooed face makes now-viral rant about not getting hired

A grossly tattooed woman has gone viral on TikTok for claiming she was denied a job at TJ Maxx because of her “body art.”

“So I wanted to come on here and talk about something that’s really starting to annoy me,” the woman, Ash Putnam, began. “So I applied for a job at TJMaxx a few weeks ago and they denied my application. They couldn’t even call me. They just sent me some automated email.”

“So I went in today and I was like what was the reason I didn’t get hired. And she was like oh, you just don’t like have enough experience. There were candidates who had more experience than you. And I asked her if it was about my tattoos. She said that wasn’t the reason. I don’t feel like that’s true, but whatever,” she added.


@ashxobrien I want to know who is also having a hard time finding a job right now! #jobs #jobmarket ♬ original sound – Ash

After asking her listeners to share their own experiences, Putnam continued her rant.

“Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I’m not going to be a good worker,” she said. “I do not understand that at all. Because quite literally, some of the most smart, intelligent people I’ve ever met are people with tattoos and piercings.”

“I could be wrong, but I’ve seen that in Europe, people with tattoos and piercings can get jobs way easier there. So why is America not hopped on the bandwagon?” she added.

Responding to her TikTok post, many in the public were not sympathetic to her ordeal.


Speaking with the Daily Star after the clip went viral, Putnam revealed that she’s been getting tattoos for years, that her favorite is of a centipede on the side of her neck, and that she was inspired to get into tattoos by her father and her favorite musical artists.

She also doubled down on her belief that she was denied a job precisely because of her tattoos.

“I absolutely do think it’s about my tattoos because apparently my tattoos are demonic and scary to a lot of people,” she said. “TJ Maxx did not say this to me – that’s just a lot of the comments I’ve gotten on my video. People are being extremely hateful on my TikTok saying I should work at a circus or Halloween stores.”

The good news is, despite not getting the job, she’s still making money working as an Uber Eats driver and OnlyFans model.

“She said she does OK for money and that the job at TJ Maxx was not too detrimental,” according to the Daily Star.

She also emphasized that she has no regrets about her tattoos.

Concluding her remarks to the tabloid paper, she shared one final message to all the employers rejecting applicants because of their tattoos.

“If they think tattoos determine job skill and qualifications they really need to rethink,” she said. “Tattoos, piercings and colored hair are not unprofessional. It shows creativity and uniqueness. It’s 2024, people need to get over not liking tattoos.”

Vivek Saxena


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