‘The Daily Show’ warns Biden following Uncle Bosie cannibal story: ‘You’re going to lose the election’

After his nephew said he was eaten by cannibals, poor Uncle Bosie just can’t rest in peace.

After all, according to Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng from “The Daily Show,” talking about his demise has consequences, as President Biden has learned.

Looking into the camera, Chieng told Biden matter-of-factly: “You’re going to lose the election.”

To be fair, President Biden’s tale about Uncle Ambrose Finnegan, a World War II pilot who was shot down off the coast of Papua New Guinea is the gift that keeps on giving.

“They never found the body because there used to be — there were a lot of cannibals for real in that part of New Guinea,” Biden said last week during a speech given at a Pennsylvania war memorial. Bosie’s body was “never recovered,” the president added.

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister James Marape issued a statement on Monday to The Associated Press expressing his dismay.

President Biden “appeared to imply his uncle was eaten by cannibals,” Marape said.

“President Biden’s remarks may have been a slip of the tongue; however, my country does not deserve to be labeled as such,” the prime minister said. “World War II was not the doing of my people; however, they were needlessly dragged into a conflict that was not their doing.”

“Look, at some point, we all get to an age when we confuse our own life story with the plot of Indiana Jones,” Klepper reasoned. “It happens.”

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Americans have no room to criticize the eating habits of others, Chieng noted.

“Even if this story was true, Americans are in no position to criticize how anyone else eats, okay?” he said. “These cannibals eat people. Yeah, well, you know what? We eat Subway sandwiches to lose weight.”

“Would a cannibal even eat people out of a wreckage?” Klepper asked. “I mean, that’s like their version of eating roadkill.”

Chieng suggested that Prime Minister Marape should have leaned into Biden’s claims.

“If someone accused my country of being cannibals, I’d just run with it,” he said. “Like, ‘Don’t f**k with us, or we’ll put your d*ck on a Kaiser roll.”

“That’s fair,” Klepper agreed. “Anyway, Biden apologized to the Papua New Guinea prime minister by inviting him to a dinner with Pete Buttigieg, which will be served over rice with balsamic reductions.”

Hilarious, but it’s unlikely the White House is laughing.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre scolded Fox News’s Peter Doocy for making light of the situation.

“The president had an emotional and I think a symbolic moment,” Jean-Pierre told him when asked about Uncle Bosie. “He had an opportunity as president to honor his uncle’s service in uniform. He had an opportunity to be there as president to speak to the bravery of his uncle and not just his uncle, but many U.S. service members.”

“He lost his life,” she said of brave Bosie. “We should not make jokes about this.”

Melissa Fine


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