Giuliani, Meadows, Jenna Ellis indicted in Arizona on ‘fake electors’ charge, Trump named unindicted co-conspirator

A grand jury in Arizona has indicted a number of former President Donald Trump’s allies for trying to overturn his 2020 election loss in the state, including Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, and Jenna Ellis.

Trump himself meanwhile has been named as an UNINDICTED co-conspirator.

The indictment pertains to what happened a month after the 2020 election, when 11 Trump supporters signed a certificate falsely claiming to be the state’s correct electors to the Electoral College.

“A state grand jury made up of everyday regular Arizonans, has now handed down felony indictments for all 11 Republican electors as well as several others connected to this scheme,” Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, a rabid Democrat, said in a statement.

“These are serious indictments, but this is the first hurdle the state must pass in our constitutional criminal justice system. We intend to prove these crimes were committed beyond a reasonable doubt,” she added.

The indictment includes nine counts for crimes such as conspiracy, forgery, and engaging in fraudulent schemes.

“In Arizona, and the United States, the people elected Joseph Biden as President on November 3, 2020,” the indictment reads. “Unwilling to accept this fact, Defendants and unindicted coconspirators schemed to prevent the lawful transfer of the presidency to keep Unindicted Coconspirator 1 in office against the will of Arizona’s voters.”

A total of 18 individuals have been indicted. The scheme the 18 pursued called for the 11 fake electors to vote for Trump, “falsely claiming to be the duly elected and qualified Electors for President and Vice President of the United States from the State of Arizona.”

“Defendants deceived the citizens of Arizona by falsely claiming that those votes were contingent only on a legal challenge that would change the outcome of the election,” the indictment continues. “In reality, Defendants intended that their false votes for Trump-Pence would encourage Pence to reject the Biden-Harris votes on January 6, 2021, regardless of the outcome of the legal challenge.”

The scheme ultimately fell apart when then-Vice President Mike Pence chose on Jan. 6th to certify the election for current President Joe Biden.

The Arizona Republican Party responded harshly to the indictments.

“Today’s indictments by Attorney General Kris Mayes represent a blatant and unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial power, aimed solely at distracting the public from the critical policy debates our country should be focusing on as we approach the 2024 election,” the party said in a statement.

“The timing of these charges—precisely four years after the 2020 election and as President Biden seeks re-election—is suspiciously convenient and politically motivated. This is not justice; it is pure election interference,” the statement continued.

The party concluded its statement by condemning Mayes’ indictments “in the strongest terms.”

“They do nothing but undermine the trust in our state’s legal processes and are clearly designed to silence dissent and weaponize the law against political opponents,” they wrote. “We will not be deterred by this overreach. We will continue to stand for the principles of fairness and integrity that are the cornerstone of our Republic.”

Despite the right’s anger, Mayes is in fact the fifth prosecutor to bring charges related to the effort to overturn the 2020 election.

“Special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with federal crimes for those efforts,” Politico notes. “Prosecutors in Georgia have charged Trump and many of his allies for their efforts to overturn the results in that state, including the fake electors plot. Prosecutors in Michigan and Nevada have also charged Republicans who posed as fake electors in those states.”

In fact, Michigan prosecutors just revealed on Wednesday that Trump is also an unindicted co-conspirator in their own investigation.

“Former President Donald Trump, his former chief of staff Mark Meadows and his former attorney Rudy Giuliani are uncharged co-conspirators in a Michigan ‘false electors’ scheme tied to efforts to overturn the 2020 election, a state investigator testified, according to NBC News.

“During a hearing related to the case, Duane Silverthorn, an attorney for a defendant who was charged in the scheme, read a list of names and asked whether they were “unindicted co-conspirators” in Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s investigation,” NBC News reported.

Vivek Saxena


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