Actor Ben Stein warns America becoming a ‘racial dictatorship’ were you ‘cannot speak your mind’

Actor and economist Ben Stein took a brief moment away from preparing salmon Friday evening to state without mincing words that the nation is becoming a “racial dictatorship.”

The pop culture icon known for roles in films like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and the gameshow “Win Ben Stein’s Money” also hosts a podcast, “The World According to Ben Stein,” which he promotes heavily on this Truth Social account. On Friday, he previewed the latest episode on race relations in America and why most are “not willing to be honest  about what we are witnessing.”

“Food for thought,” he captioned the brief video. “We’re getting into a racial dictatorship. God Bless this great country.”


In the 26-second clip, Stein tells viewers as he stands before a stovetop where two pieces of fish are sizzling, “Hello friends. It occurs to me and it’s kind of a scary thought, we’re getting into a racial dictatorship here where you simply cannot speak your mind,” even the “most obvious differences between the races and among the races without losing your job, your friends, your house.”

“That’s a racial dictatorship,” he concluded. “We’ve never had that here before.”

Stein’s greater point in his podcast co-hosted by Judah Friedman was that problems cannot be solved if they cannot even be discussed. To that, he reflected on the reality of statistical differences in academic scores for black students compared to white students in government-run schools while the push for equity continues to run rampant through the halls of education and anywhere else activists have secured a foothold.

“If black people in America, who are my brothers and sisters in God, are going to be helped, it’s going to have to be by their own efforts,” he lamented as he further decried the notion of handouts in place of hand-ups.

Stein went on to follow his Friday post and Saturday podcast with a point on the problem of “fairness” that has made its way to a place of prominence in society, and posted on Truth Social, “Goodnight America. Goodnight fellow Truthers. Have a Blessed week. ‘Fairness’ is a totally artificial concept. It’s like a rainbow–lovely but rarely occurring. If you realize that, you’ll be happier and healthier. God Bless you and God Bless America.”

His point was further emphasized by a post he had directed at Truth Social CEO former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) from September when he touched on the importance of free speech and fighting back against any who opposed it, as well as his reasons for doing so.

“We cannot surrender. If we surrender, who’s left? Who is left? We’re not in it for the money, although money is a good thing. We’re not in it for the fame. [We’re] already famous,” Stein said in the video clip. “We’re in it because it’s the truth, and that’s why you people are called the truthers.”

Kevin Haggerty


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