Actor who had a meltdown when Trump got tough on crime, films alleged NYC shoplifter in the act

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Left-wing Hollywood actor and comedian Michael Rapaport just got a shocking and unwelcome taste of the hell that Democrat policies are breeding, and it appears to be waking him up a little — just a little.

On Wednesday, the notoriously anti-Trump actor posted a self-recorded video to Instagram showing a thief at a New York City Rite Aid brazenly stuffing items into a bag and then strolling out the store unmolested.

In the video, Rapaport can be heard expressing shock at witnessing a brazen theft right in front of his eyes.

Watch and listen (*Language warning):

“Yo, I’m looking at this shit, this dude, this motherf–ker. Yo, this dude … I can’t believe I’m seeing this shit. This motherf–ker. Yo, this f–king guy just filled his two bags up with everything in Rite Aid right here on 80th and 1st Avenue,” Rapaport says.

“He’s walking down the street like everything’s Gucci, looking at me in my face like what’s good. I was watching him the whole time. My man just went Christmas shopping in January. He had the condoms, the shampoo …”

The caption for the original video on Instagram includes this stunning bombshell: “I was just informed this Rite Aid is closing 2/15 because of this, leaving the workers JOBLESS.”

In a subsequent interview with the Daily Mail, Rapaport revealed that the store’s closing is poised to affect not only its employees but its customers as well, including him.

“The actor said that he relies on that Rite Aid, where he buys his mood stabilizers, and that he and many others in the community are now losing their neighborhood pharmacy – and its workers are losing their jobs – because of the rampant shoplifting,” according to the Daily Mail.

Rapaport revealed that this was the first time he’d ever witnessed such “blatant” theft in person. However, when he spoke to the security guard at the Rite Aid, he discovered, much to his surprise, that this happens all the time.

The guard told him that “just yesterday, two men walked in and took a six-pack of beer before acknowledging the security guard and walking out without paying anyway,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

Rapaport believes he knows what’s to blame for this crisis.

“These criminals know there are no ramifications. We have to put more of these mfers in jail,” he told the British outlet, presumably referencing the trend of blue city Democrat district attorneys going soft on crime.

While he was correct, critics seized on his righteous indignation to point out that former President Donald Trump, a man whom he loathes with every fiber of his being, had during his time in office been stalwart in his efforts to stem the rise in crime:

Some critics also lashed out at him for voting into office the politicos and officials who’ve created this crisis:

While it’s not clear whom he voted for on the local level, it’s a definitive fact that he voted for President Joe Biden:

As in the same Joe Biden whose staff members bailed out rioters during the 2020 BLM riots.

So do critics have a point about Rapaport only caring about crime now that it’s affecting him, or are they being too tough with a guy who’s finally waking up?

On one hand, the left-wing actor retweeted “Libs of Tik Tok” — an account loved by conservatives — after it posted his video to Twitter:

(Source: Twitter)

The fact that he’s aware of and retweeting this account suggests he’s waking up a little.

But on the other hand, he posted a rude video late Tuesday evening trash-talking Fox News’ “Peter Douchy,” Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, and urging the president to himself talk more trash about them:

Considering that all three — but particularly Hannity and Ingraham — are vocal about calling out the Democrat’s crime-producing policies, it seems the left-wing actor has a lot more waking up to do …

Vivek Saxena


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