Actress rails against ‘every single woke voter’ over out-of-control crime: ‘Keep voting for this’

Singer-songwriter and actress Katharine McPhee, a Los Angeles resident, bravely slammed her fellow “woke” Angelenos this week for their culpability in the city’s forever-worsening crime wave.

The unexpected attack on her city’s “wokerati”  began Wednesday when she reportedly shared an Instagram Story featuring a screenshot of a post about an elderly man who was recently “jumped,” “mugged and beaten up” in Beverly Hills.

In response to the story, McPhee wrote, “This is literally my worry and thought every time I go out now. We need @rickcarusola.”

She added, “I blame every single woke voter. Seniors getting beat up in bh while walking. Keep voting for this. What a sad state this city is in.”

Below is a screenshot of her Instagram Story:

(Source: TooFab)

Rick Caruso is a Republican running to be Los Angeles’ next mayor.

Despite LA not having had a Republican mayor since the late 1990s, Caruso has been performing decently (though not strong enough to defeat his opponent, Karen Bass) because of how fed-up the public has become with the incessant crime.

“Caruso has focused his campaign … on fears of rising crime and Angelenos’ frustration at an ever-growing homelessness emergency, arguing that the city’s political establishment has been putting residents at risk: ‘I see my city being torn apart because of bad decisions by leaders,’ he said in November,” according to The Guardian.

“He has pledged, if elected, to hire 1,500 more police officers, and has suggested he would arrest unhoused people who refuse to move into city-run homeless shelters,” the outlet reported in May.

“You don’t get a choice to stay on the street anymore. The minute we have a bed for you, you move into the bed, or otherwise there’s a consequence,” he said in an interview recorded in February.

In a second Instagram Story, McPhee shared a screenshot of a text message she’d exchanged with her friend Sara Mann.

“Don’t wear your Rolex,” Mann could be seen having texted her.

“No rings no watches,” McPhee could be seen having replied.

Like with her previous post, she tagged Caruso once again.


(Source: TooFab)

The last Instagram Story showed McPhee dining at a restaurant with “No rings watches or anything.”

And again she tagged Caruso.

Whether or not her dream of Caruso winning will come true remains to be seen. The problem is he’s up against former Rep. Karen Bass, a high-powered player with the money and clout needed to win big.

During a primary election in early June, Caruso lost to Bass 35.99 percent to 43.11 percent. The two are slated to have a runoff election on Nov. 8th. So far, the polls don’t look promising for Caruso.

The only good news for Angelenos like McPhee is that Bass isn’t anti-police. In fact, she’s a rare Democrat who spoke out against the “defund the police” movement during its inception in 2020.

“I told some friends that’s probably one of the worst slogans ever,” she said at the time in a Washington Post broadcast.

If anything, she wants to fund the police.

“Bass wants more hiring at the LAPD. She said that as mayor, she would move 250 Los Angeles police officers out of desk jobs and into patrol. She would add hundreds of civilian employees at the LAPD, in a bid to free up officers from performing clerical duties. She also called for the department to hire more detectives and investigators, highlighting the fact that the LAPD solved just over half of the city’s murders in 2020,” according to a recent piece from the Los Angeles Times.

She’s also expressed support for policies prohibiting the homeless from setting up camps near schools.

Specifically, during a virtual meeting with a homeowners association in January, she said she supports a law that allows city council members to establish no-encampment zones around public facilities like schools and parks.

So if either Caruso or Bass wins, the city will be in the hands of someone who’s pro-police and pro-law, so that’s a good sign.

As for McPhee, this isn’t the first time she’s come for the “woke.”

In February, she reportedly slammed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over the infamous photo of her posing maskless with a group of masked schoolchildren.

“What the actual hell… politicians at their finest. Mask up the children and you yourself sit without a mask. The hypocrisy continues. I’m sure she will say… ‘but I had my mask in my hand!’” McPhee wrote in an Instagram Story at the time, according to Fox News.

It seems she has the makings of a fine conservative …

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