ADL accuses Ilhan Omar of perpetrating ‘blood libel’ against the Jewish people

The Anti-Defamation League has accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of perpetrating a “blood libel” against the Jewish people.

The allegation stems from something Omar said while hobnobbing with pro-Hamas “protesters” at Columbia University on Friday.

“So I actually met a lot of Jewish students that are in the encampments,” she told local media while there. “And I think it is really unfortunate that people don’t care about the fact that all Jewish kids should be kept safe and that we should not have to tolerate antisemitism or bigotry for all Jewish students whether they are pro-genocide or anti-genocide.”


She basically suggested that any Jewish student who supports Israel’s justified offense in Gaza is for so-called “genocide.”

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who’s admittedly known for trying to silence any dissenting thought, wasn’t pleased.

“It is patently false and a blood libel to suggest that ANY Jewish students are ‘pro-genocide,’” he wrote in a tweet. “It is gaslighting to impute that Jewish people are somehow at fault for being harassed and menaced with signs and slogans literally calling for their own extermination.”

“It is abhorrent that a sitting member of Congress would slander an entire group of young people in such a cold, calculated manner. This is how people get killed. @IlhanMN must apologize, but I’m not holding my breath,” he added.


Omar responded to the growing criticism and backlash by posting a tweet pointing to an article from The Intercept about the Biden administration’s investigation into the University of Massachusetts over alleged “anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab harassment and discrimination by fellow students.”

“This is the pro-genocide I was talking about, can you condemn this like I have condemned antisemitism and bigotry of all kind?” she tweeted.


The tweet prompted a massive amount of pushback.

“You refused to condemn Hamas, whose terrorists tortured young women before and while raping them, and who kidnapped and slaughtered 1,200 innocents,” one critic wrote. “No one is buying the freedom-fighter facade.”

“Of course, I condemn that, most Israelis condemn any call of k*lling all Palestinians,” another critic wrote. “Even though you do everything in your power to dehumanize all Israelis and rebrand 1935 antisemitism as 2024 antizionism – We see right through you.”

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Greenblatt also responded. In a lengthy rebuttal, he noted that the ADL “always” condemns bigotry, including “anti-Muslim” bias. He then asked Omar whether she likewise can condemn Islamic terrorists.

“So, yes, of course, we condemn those who say these grotesque things, but do you also condemn those who chant Qassam Brigade? Who declare Zionists are genocidal? Who call to globalize the intifada?” he wrote.

All this comes weeks after Omar voted against a $26 billion aid package for Israel that had included humanitarian aid for her beloved Palestinians.

Vivek Saxena


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