Bannon rips Mike Johnson over timing of ‘criminal conspiracy investigation’ report helpful to Trump

The timing of a damning “criminal conspiracy investigation” from the House set Steve Bannon off on the “disgusting, revolting loser” speaker.

“They want MAGA to go away. They want Trump to be defeated in November.”

Orchestrated by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D), the first-ever criminal trial of an American president was already underway in the Big Apple when the House Judiciary Committee released a 300-page report Thursday detailing the prosecutor’s supposed “political vendetta” against former President Donald Trump.

Reacting to the timing of the release, Bannon, a former Trump White House adviser, ripped into House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) in particular with his own allegations of deliberate suppression.

“Why was this report not dropped on the eve of the trial? You had this…Why was this not dropped so we could go on information warfare offense, like you teach in information warfare 101? This 300-page report was done. It was done,” the host of “War Room” said Saturday.

“Why was it not dropped on the eve of the trial, like the left does? Because they’re organized and they work together.  And Johnson goes, you know, ‘they’re kind of socialistic, they’re very collective.’ Screw you, you twerp,” he slammed before adding, “You are a disgusting, revolting loser and you suppressed this document, and we lost the ability to crush their trial against Trump from the very beginning.”

Thursday afternoon, under the chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the House Judiciary Committee released their report on how the New York County District Attorney’s Office (DANY) allegedly “weaponized the criminal justice system, scouring every aspect of President Trump’s personal life and business affairs, going back decades, in the hopes of finding some legal basis–however far-fetched, novel, or convoluted–to bring charges against him.”

Titled, “An Anatomy of a Political Prosecution,” the lengthy “criminal conspiracy investigation” broke down how the New York investigation against Trump stretched back at least until 2018 and that, despite no new witnesses or facts since that time and the time of the indictment of the president, it wasn’t until January 2023, after Trump’s announced candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, that Bragg convened a new grand jury to evaluate claims of falsified business records related to alleged hush money payments.

“Bragg ultimately settled on a novel legal theory untested anywhere in the country and one that federal authorities declined to pursue to resurrect the matter,” detailed the report before indicating, “the only intervening factor, it appears, was President Trump’s announcement that he would be a candidate for President in 2024.”

Also outlined was the role of Mark Pomerantz, a former Manhattan DA prosecutor and Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign donor who went on to write a book about the investigation of Trump that was treated as a “passion project.”

Bannon’s furor over the alleged lack of leadership from Johnson and the missed opportunity also turned on Jordan and Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the chair of the House Oversight Committee, for not utilizing investigative powers to accomplish more on behalf of the defense of Trump.

“Why does Jordan…not have a criminal conspiracy investigation from Fani Willis in Georgia to ‘Big Tish James’ in New York City?” he asked. “The Justice Department, why they’ve not been sent letters, preserve your documents. Why have hearings not gone on? Why have they not broken these things up? You know why. Because they don’t really have Trump’s back.”

“They want MAGA to go away,” leveled Bannon. “They want Trump to be defeated in November. Yes, yes, I know I said the quiet part out loud.”

Kevin Haggerty


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