‘They have redefined evil’: Harrowing never-before-heard eyewitness accounts from Oct. 7th

Israel’s supporters say pro-Hamas college students desperately need to watch a new documentary with eyewitness accounts from the Oct. 7th terror attack.

Produced by Sheryl Sandberg, the former COO of Meta, the documentary offers stunning, poignant insight into the horrors experienced by the terror attack’s victims.

Below is one particularly powerful clip from the documentary:

Watch the full documentary here.

In the clip, former Hamas hostage Amit Susanna described the moment she was kidnapped.

“There were ten men around me, and my instinct was just to fight, to do what I can,” she said in the clip. “I wanted to show them that I’m strong and that I’m not going to go away that easily, that they’re not going to take me so easily — I’m going to fight them.”

“I didn’t mind getting killed. I think maybe I preferred that in those moments. I was scared. I was really scared that they’re gonna rape me there, and that they’re going to drag me through Gaza’s streets and parade my body around. So I feared that more than being killed,” she added.

In another scene from the documentary, a volunteer with the organization ZAKA said that, despite him being trained to see and collect body parts, he “doesn’t have words to explain what we saw,” including mutilated bodies “cut to pieces.”

“Bodies were cut to pieces,” he said. “You couldn’t identify if a person was a man or a women. Everything was ripped apart. And many bodies were naked. I had dealt with hundreds of bodies [of people violently killed] before and none had been naked.”

“We found one woman in her home under a mattress. She was naked, and nails and other things were hammered into her female area,” he added.

Tali Binner, a Nova festival attendee who hid in a trailer, recalled hearing women begging for Hamas to stop raping them.

“There is no way that [a woman] will scream that loud and for so long if it is not for asking for help because someone is doing something sexually to her… That was the time when I started to be afraid I am going to be raped,” she said.

“I also heard a couple. She didn’t say words. She was just screaming and he was begging for someone to leave her [alone]. I remember he said, ‘Leave her.’ The guy was crying for a long time,” she added.

When Sandberg, who was with Binner in the documentary, asked her what happened afterward, she said she heard gun shots and then silence.

Next was Raz Cohen, who recalled hiding near where a group of Hamas militants raped a woman.

“They just did what they wanted to her,” he said. “There were no rules. Then he stabbed or slaughtered her with a knife and continued to rape her. She could have already been dead as he continued to rape her. I wish I could have helped her. I wish I had a weapon with me so I could have attacked the terrorists and tried to save her.”

Below is another clip from the documentary:

Meanwhile, Elad Avraham, who reportedly worked security at Nova, spotted corpses everywhere, including that of a woman who’d been bound and bent over a car’s bumper.

Then there’s Shari Mendes, an IDF reservist who reportedly worked at an Oct. 7th morgue and thus saw the outcome of the depravity firsthand.

“Women were shot in the head so many times that it seemed like there was an intention, an objective, to obliterate their faces,” she said. “Most often, families couldn’t be shown the faces of their daughters.”

“And we began to see that some of it was sexual in nature — directly targeted sexual violence. It did seem systematic — to use sexual violence as a weapon of war,” she added.

Responding to the release of Sandberg’s documentary, many Israeli supporters have begun requesting that all the Hamas-supporting college students protesting across America watch the documentary IMMEDIATELY.


Vivek Saxena


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