Al Sharpton calls influx of illegals an ‘invasion of migrants’

Social justice activist Al Sharpton veered off the narrative by using the word “invasion” when referring to the influx of migrants pouring into the country.

The race-baiting Baptist minister seemed to have a momentary lapse in his leftism as he confronted the reality of the immigration and border crisis wrought by President Joe Biden’s disastrous policies.

“What is being done to get the public to really rise up in various states to say to their senators that they want to see the borders — the border issue resolved?” Sharpton asked Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday.

“I mean, you’re getting migrants beating up policemen in the streets of New York,” Sharpton continued. “You are seeing an influx of migrants all over the country that, frankly, have people outraged.”

He wondered if “some kind of public pressure” could be exerted over the next few days to, in effect, ask senators of various states,“Why are you allowing this to continue?”

“Because at the end of the day, senators have to deal with their voters,” he said.

But Sharpton wasn’t done as he set up his question for Murphy, going on to pivot from the left’s talking points with his take on reality.

“And at the same, in the bill you give money to Gaza, to civilians in Gaza, and Israel,” Sharpton said. “But the border, I mean, we’re looking every day at the invasion of migrants, and they are playing a time game with politics on this?”

That same language by Republicans and former President Donald Trump has repeatedly been condemned by Democrats and the Left.

“This is an invasion. This is like a military invasion,” Trump had said in December during a campaign event in Reno, Nevada. “Drugs, criminals, gang members and terrorists are pouring into our country at record levels. We’ve never seen anything like it. They’re taking over our cities.”

He was, unsurprisingly, called out for his remarks, with The Washington Post calling the language “dehumanizing.”

Sharpton’s use of the word will likely get downplayed by his cohorts but many were quick to notice.

“When Al Sharpton says, we have a problem on our southern border with an ‘invasion of migrants,’ you know things have really gotten serious,” former Trump advisor Roger Stone wrote in a post on X.

Frieda Powers


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