Alex Jones tells Tucker he was told drugged-out Biden wanders around naked in the White House

Tucker Carlson sat down with the infamous Alex Jones for a lengthy interview in which the radio show host predicted that the “deep state” would kill both President Biden and former President Donald Trump and also claimed a drugged-up Biden walks around naked in the White House.

A grave-looking Carlson responded by saying he has “established” that the feeble 81-year-old president “is on drugs.”

“He’s completely out of his mind,” the controversial radio host said. “He wanders around — for the entire two and a half years, but it’s getting worse — naked in the White House… in the middle of the night, doesn’t know who he is.”

“They have to give him a bunch of drugs – a bunch of amphetamines in the morning, and they have to drug him at night,” he continued. “Sometimes he’ll be out for the morning, for a while, then come back at night for a ball. That’s when there’s a real problem.”

Carlson chimed in to say, “He is on drugs. I have established that. I know someone who witnessed it — I’m not guessing at this. I know someone personally who witnessed him taking amphetamines. And this was during the 2020 election.”

Jones jumped on the perceived confirmation, telling Carlson his testimony is “huge” because he “doesn’t make things up.” It was at this point that Jones pivoted to the deep state double dip in killing a sitting AND former president.

Interestingly, having been permanently banned on X,  Jones may soon get a reprieve. Elon Musk said in a tweet that he may consider bringing Jones back after rejecting that possibility last year — he included a poll with his remarks.

“Will consider. In general, since this platform aspires to be the global town square, permanent bans should be extremely rare. Also, if he does say something false on this platform, then @CommunityNotes will correct him, whereas that would not be the case elsewhere. Let’s hold a poll,” the X boss tweeted.

The claim of a naked Biden wandering around in the White House certainly made for some interesting replies online… here’s a quick sampling of some of the responses, as seen on X:

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