Alina Habba mocks E. Jean Carroll, says she will see ‘ZERO’ of the $83m AND will pay Trump’s legal fees

Former President Donald J. Trump’s attorney Alina Habba predicted that E. Jean Carroll won’t see a dime of the $83 million defamation award after the appeals process plays out.

The combative lawyer said that she plans to sue the “crazy” columnist who claims that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a Manhattan department store in the 1990s with no proof and that not only will Carroll get “ZERO” money, but she is going to end up footing the bills for her client’s defense.

Habba made her remarks during a recent appearance on Patrick Bet-David’s “PBD Podcast” where she sat down with the host for a nearly two-hour conversation and the topic of the Carroll judgment in which Trump posted a $91.6 million bond to appeal came up.

(Video: YouTube/PBD Podcast)

“How much of the 83 million is she going to see?” Bet-David asked.

“Zero. Zero,” Habba responded. “And then I’m going to sue for attorney’s fees.”

“Oh, I can’t wait for that,” the host said. “So she can’t go shopping. You mean she can’t buy…”

“She can’t buy her friends,” Habba replied, “Oh, I watched that. I said I said, Reid Hoffman, I hope you’re watching. DNC. I hope you’re watching.

Habba was referring to Carroll’s boasting during an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show where she gloated about the massive financial reward and proclaimed that she planned to foot the bill for a shopping spree for her and her friends.

She also wasn’t allowed to introduce a video of Carroll who was sporting red hair – or a wig- showing off her shack in the woods that she named “the mouse house” which could have been used to make the case that she’s not right in the head.

“That’s the Democrat voter base is that person right there,” one of the co-hosts said after the video.

“This is the person. This is the person you picked? She…look, I couldn’t talk about her cat’s name. I couldn’t talk about that,” she said, referring to not being able to bring up Carroll’s vulgar name for her pet, just one of the kooky columnist’s sexually provocative proclivities that jurors were forbidden from hearing.

“I was not allowed…imagine if you’re a jury and you just see those two videos,” Habba said. “Are you awarding anybody $83 million? I wasn’t allowed.”

“So then you’ve got these people on CNN, MSDNC going ‘Habba’s a terrible lawyer,'” she added. “I couldn’t bring it in because the judge wouldn’t let me so yeah I had a jury, but the judge before the jury came in said “Habba you’re not bringing that. You’re not saying that she has what is it? A dog named vagina, cat named vagina…”

“The courts are totally stacked against me,” Trump told reporters after he walked out during closing arguments in the Carroll defamation trial.

Chris Donaldson


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