AZ GOP primary gets ugly, Blake Masters shares footage of Muslim ‘anchor baby’ opponent in Mecca

The GOP race to represent Arizona’s eighth congressional district has gotten personal.

Republicans Blake Masters and Abraham Hamedeh are vying for the seat of GOP incumbent Rep. Debbie Lesko, who captured 96.5% of the vote for her reelection in 2022.

With the migrant invasion a hot topic in the border state, Masters took aim at what he says is Hamedeh’s support of “amnesty and birthright citizenship.”

“Did you know Abe Hamadeh was an anchor baby?” Masters’ campaign asked Wednesday on X. “He was born to parents who were in America illegally after overstaying visas.”

“Dishonest Abe supported Chuck Schumer’s amnesty bill, maybe because Abe’s parents were illegal immigrants,” a narrator states in the accompanying campaign video. “Dishonest Abe said women have the right to abort their babies. Dishonest Abe supported cuts to Social Security, Medicare and the military. Dishonest Abe said America was founded on Islamic principles. He even said Israel was behind 9/11.

“Arizona can’t trust dishonest Abe Hamadeh.”

In November 2022, former President Donald Trump did.

“President Trump took a chance on me… I’m a 31 year old son of Syrian immigrants who wanted to save our country and Trump supported and endorsed me,” Hamadeh wrote at the time on X. “I will be forever grateful. Thank you 45/47. America is coming back.”

In February, Hamadeh warned of the “awful consequences” of the Biden administration’s “wide open border.”

“There is a massive illegal immigrant Chilean gang crime spree happening all over the valley targeting homes. Be sure to look out for your neighbors, lock your doors, and keep some lights on when you’re not home,” he wrote. “Our wide open border is having awful consequences.”

Citing “election integrity,” “border security,” “a roaring economy,”  “restoring the rule of law,” and world peace, Hamadeh said on April Fools’ Day that he “can’t wait to work with President Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!”

“We must ALL do our part to rescue our country,” he said. “America’s GREATEST comeback starts NOW!”

Masters, too, is anxious to work with President Trump.

“Joe Biden has failed America on the southern border,” he wrote on X in March. “President Donald Trump and Congressman Blake Masters will fix it.”

Hamadeh hit back at his opponent with a laugh, posting a clip of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis from the 2012 comedy “The Campaign.” In it, a candidate is considering running an ad that suggests his opponent may be a member of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban because he has a mustache.

Other reactions to Masters’ ad — presumably from those who lean left — have so far been less than positive.

“You’re both trash,” one user on X told Masters. “You’re just a bit louder about it at the moment.”




Melissa Fine


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