Alleged drunk driver involved in wreck that killed 3 on July 4th is reportedly a substance abuse counselor

A man arrested in connection with an alleged drunk driving incident has been identified as a substance abuse counselor and author.

Daniel Christopher Hyden has been charged with driving under the influence after allegedly getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and driving over a sidewalk on the 4th of July, according to the New York Post. The vehicle, a gray Ford F-150, jumped the curb at Corlears Hook Park in the Lower East Side, running into 10 people including children. Three people are reported dead following the tragic incident, and it is expected that Hyden will be charged with their deaths in the future.

In 2020, Hyden wrote a book titled: “The Sober Addict” which is described as being “a practical guide on how to effectively live and cope with the dysfunctional, lifelong disease of addiction.” He details his own history as an “ex-professional addict” who, through his work as a substance abuse counselor, seeks to guide those on their addiction journey and help to “prevent their deaths.”

Two of the victims were identified as 59-year-old Lucille Pinkney and 38-year-old Hernan Pinkney, a mother and son who reportedly lived together near the scene of the tragedy. The third victim has not been identified.

Among those injured were another mother and son pair, with the child being 11 years old. According to FDNY Chief Michael Myers, four of those injured are in critical condition, and three others are in serious condition.

As for Hyden, he was transported to the hospital with head and face lacerations. His rap sheet includes an assault in February, where he allegedly punched a teacher in the eye following a dispute. He was also charged with DUI in Wisconsin in 2015, which was dismissed after he pleaded guilty to a traffic offense.

This horrific event comes after former commissioner of the New York Office of Addiction Services and Supports Arlene González-Sánchez was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. As BizPac Review previously reported, González-Sánchez “had a blood-alcohol content of .20” and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and other charges.

According to NYPD Officer Christopher Machalek, González-Sánchez attempted to drive away after being involved in a car accident that left several vehicles with damaged bumpers. After her failed getaway, the officer parked her vehicle and pulled out her keys, at which point she allegedly urinated on herself. The officer observed that González-Sánchez had glassy, watery eyes and slurred speech, as well as an odor of alcohol coming off of her person.

Sierra Marlee


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