Amateur boxer fights off 3 attackers, one with a gun, during brazen daytime attack in West Hollywood

A band of thugs were in for quite a surprise when they picked the wrong guy to rob.

Rocco DiStefano is an amateur boxer and owner of Lab Sunset Athletic Club located on West Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip.

DiStefano, who was sporting a Rolex while walking his dog, was jumped by three masked men on Tuesday, FoxLA reported.

One of the men had a gun when they jumped out of a black Cadillac, but they proved in the end to be no match for DiStefano.

“I turned around, and I’m looking down the barrel of the pistol,” DiStefano said, according to FoxLa. “They’re yelling, ‘Take it off, take it off,’ and at this point, I try to run and I realize I’m running into a corner. The only thing I can think to take off, I’m looking at my Rolex. So I take off my Rolex and I clasp it in my hands and I tell them ‘You’re going to have to take it from me.'”

While surveillance didn’t capture DiStefano fighting off the attack at the end of the scary incident, he did describe to reporters what happened when his instincts kicked in.

“I was able to tackle the guy in the gray hoodie that’s hitting me from behind into the person with the gun, and when I hit him with the gun, both of them fell down.”

DiStefano was then able to run to a nearby business for help – with his Rolex intact.

DiStefano said his upbringing helped prepare him mentally for such an occurrence as well as his fit ‘physical’ state.

“it was just a rush of adrenaline, and I just say my life flash before my eyes, and it’s making me very grateful to be alive,” he said. Thankfully, DiStefano’s dog was also not harmed during the attack.


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