‘Yikes!’ Delta pilot gets mixed reactions with list of instructions passengers need to ‘obey’

A video of a Delta pilot has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, earning the unnamed man scores of insults.

Referring to himself as a “servant leader,” the pilot delivered a lightning-fast list of “rules” passengers were expected to follow on his flight, as seen in the video that was posted on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed “captain of the ship” has not been identified but he can be seen in the video telling passengers that everyone has “to obey” the regulations he then delivers.

“Everyone please look up here at your servant leader,” he said into the plane’s intercom.

“Today I get to serve as the captain of the ship. What does that mean? It means I’m responsible for the safety of my ship, my crew, my passengers, my cargo, but above all, the rules,” he added.

“For your safety and the safety of everyone around you, I need everyone to obey the seatbelt sign,” he continued.

“I need everyone to obey the commands and the instructions of my flight attendants,” he said, emphasizing the word “commands.”

“And lastly, I ask that we all be respectful of one another,” he concluded as he then updated the status of the flight which seemed to have had a delay issue and was headed for Atlanta, Georgia.

Reactions to the video were heated, with many blasting the pilot for being a control freak, a narcissist and other negative descriptions.

“Is he going for a flight or to war?” read the text over the video posted to Instagram by the account @aflyguytravels,

“I wonder if this Delta captain is ex military?” read the caption.

“Yikes. Unnecessary and narcissistic,” one comment read and another said, “That is NOT a captain anybody wants to fly with Take your hat off and lighten up!”

“This captain abused his power. He treated passengers like kindergarteners. Oh and ‘my fly attendants’ – oh dear, you have some arrogance issues,’ another person wrote.

“Please stop being a total control freak, and just fly the plane. Have a little faith in your flight attendants,” wrote another and one simply stated, “This irks my soul.”

There were plenty of others, however, who thought he did a fine job.

“Excellent! And if he is ex-military, I would trust him even more!” wrote one person.

“Thank you, captain! Love it!! I wish more captains would do this!” another user said. “It shows his care, responsibility and authority!!”

“All you Ken and Karen’s in your basement on your keyboards need to R E L A X over this. Pilot did ZERO wrong,” one person fumed.

Frieda Powers


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