Amazon driver in NYC ends up in cuffs after fending off drunk, naked illegal immigrant

With the Biden administration all but rolling out the red carpet for 8-10 million illegal immigrants from all around the world, suffice it to say that you are not always taking in the best and brightest.

Of course, with elementary screening at the border, if any at all, we simply have no clue who we are allowing into the country, but reports of recently arrived illegal immigrants committing crimes are on the uptick. Look no further than New York City, where police officers are being assaulted in the streets by foreign nationals who came here illegally, only to be released without bail by the Democrats who have a stranglehold on the Big Apple.

More recently, an Amazon driver said he had to fend off a naked and drunk migrant with a snowball “to keep the deranged asylum seeker from making off with his packages,” as reported by the New York Post.

And being that this is New York City, a la Daniel Penny, the Amazon driver was the one who ended up in handcuffs.

“I was unloading my stuff, and a guy – he was like a pervert, he had his penis out,” the driver, who was identified only as Abu, told The Post.

“He’s in the corner of the street j–king off and I told him, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’” Abu added. “And he went into my van where all my mail and everything was at, and I pushed him away, and he ran towards me like he was going to aggressively hit me.”

Believing he has to protect himself, Abu said, “So what I did was I looked towards the floor and I saw a big snow pile. I picked up a piece and I socked him with it and he went down on his butt.”

After running to some cops nearby for help, Abu found himself charged with third-degree assault and released on a desk appearance ticket, according to police.

“He was trying to aggressively hurt me and I just protected myself and my property from my job,” the driver told the newspaper. “That’s it. I ended up being taken in, and now I have an open case about this.”

“It’s ridiculous because I asked the cops for help,” he added. “I ran to the cops and said, ‘Hey, can you please get this guy? I don’t want to hurt him. I already hit him with a snowball and he was pretty hurt.’”

The illegal immigrant, identified by police sources as Yeison Sanchez, 26, is staying at a nearby migrant center. He was reportedly charged with petit larceny and public lewdness.

Again, being that this is New York City, Sanchez was released without bail.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

So the drunk naked illegal immigrant from I assume Mexico, tried to steal packages was hit by a snowball from the Amazon delivery driver and turns it around by claiming assault and the driver is arrested instead of the drunk naked illegal immigrant from presumably Mexico? Unreal!

— DANCERcow (@realDANCERcow) February 21, 2024

Tom Tillison


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