America’s most historic gun manufacturer to shutter factory in blue state, moves to red state

A New York village is devastated by the news that the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer is shuttering its local factory and moving operations to Georgia.

Remington, which has long been one of America’s most historic and recognizable brands, will soon be leaving Ilion, a blue-collar village in the Mohawk Valley. They will be moving to the red state, a much friendlier environment for businesses, especially one in the gun industry which has been targeted by the state’s Democrat leaders.

“Two hundred and eight years of history. Gone, gone,” the village’s Mayor John P. Stephens is quoted by the New York Times lamenting the loss. “Ilion is Remington. Remington is Ilion.”

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“I literally sat in my office and cried for 20 minutes,” Mayor Stephens told a local news outlet when the news broke late last year. “It’s tough you know, my dad worked here for 39 years, raised four kids on a paycheck from here. That’s what this company means to a lot of people.”

“My mom worked there. My dad worked there. My wife works there with me now. My daughter works there with me now. My second daughter works there with me now. And my son-in-law works there,” Frank “Rusty” Brown, a furnace operator, told the Associated Press.

“So it’s a double-hit for me and my wife: two of us out of a job,” said Brown who is the president of the United Mine Workers of America Local 717.

“When Remington leaves, it’s not going to be like a facility leaving, it’s going to be like part of your family has moved off,” said Jim Conover, a retired Remington production manager who is also quoted by AP.

The company’s recent history has been marked by a lawsuit over the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, a horrific slaughter of innocents that has been exploited by anti-gun zealots to go after the Second Amendment and firearm manufacturers.

The company paid a staggering $73 million to settle the suit brought by the families of the 20 first graders and six teachers who were murdered by a deranged shooter using a gun made by Remington.

“It is because of New York Democrats’ unconstitutional gun grab policies that the oldest gun manufacturer in the country has been run out of the state,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in a November 2023 statement.

In leaving New York over two centuries after Eliphalet Remington made his first rifle barrel in the aftermath of the War of 1812, the move shows how times have changed from the days when the tyrannical Brits were the greatest threat to freedom to the modern era when that role has been assumed by the vicious and unprincipled political party.

With it now being made clear by the radical Democrats who have a stranglehold on the Empire State’s political and legal systems, the move will likely be replicated by other companies looking to avoid harassment and the brazen theft of assets by unscrupulous operators like New York Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James.

The Trump trail is a warning sign to all businesses that New York is no longer safe and the time to get out is yesterday.

“We are very excited to come to Georgia, a state that not only welcomes business but enthusiastically supports and welcomes companies in the firearms industry,” RemArms CEO Ken D’Arcy previously said in a statement of the company’s looking for greener pastures. “Everyone involved in this process has shown how important business is to the state and how welcoming they are to all business, including the firearms industry.”

”It’s like the town is losing its soul. It’s almost like losing a family member. That’s the thing that people are struggling with, the nostalgia, the history. It feels like we are losing the identity of the town,” Mayor Stephens told the Daily Mail.

Chris Donaldson


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