‘An abomination’: Viewers reject woke ‘Scooby-Doo’ spinoff ‘Velma’ that jokes about sexualizing teens

In just four episodes, the “Scooby-Doo” spinoff from HBO and actress Mindy Kaling titled “Velma” has managed to destroy a much-loved cartoon crew and universally disgust critics with its woke, inappropriate messaging that, in the fourth installment, goes so far as to treat the sexualization of children as a laugh-a-minute joke.

In “Velma Makes a List,” the town mayor is seen lusting after pretty high school girls, and Velma delivers her impression of young boys sketching male genitalia.

It’s bad enough that Freddy has been reduced to a privileged white boy, Velma is suddenly Indian, the red-headed Daphne is now Asian, and Shaggy — now known as “Norville” — is a dogless black hipster, the series has made it a point to offend with graphic material that has no business being shown to kids, including nudity, cursing, gore, and Velma’s long-suspected lesbianism.

Now, with episode four, Velma is told by the middle-aged sheriff to rank her school’s hottest babes so she can ugly them up and save them from being murdered — a task at which she fails, judging by the mayor’s drool.

Can anyone say, “Zoinks”?

During the big reveal, Velma lectures the sheriff and mayor on society’s notion of “beauty” and “pain.”

“Mayor Dave, Sheriff Cogburn, I want you to remember this moment,” Velma says. “For far too long, we have told girls that pain is beauty. Well, today you will see these painfully beautiful girls transform from ‘Damn’ to ‘Eh…'”

As NewsBusters notes, the “painfully beautiful girls” viewed Velma’s attempts to downplay their hotness as a form of “slut-shaming.”

“Apparently, the writers are very confused and think attractiveness and sluttiness are somehow synonymous,” NewsBusters writes.

The mayor responds to Velma’s efforts with, “Ooh, they are so hot. Daddy likey…Wait. You were supposed to do the opposite. What the h—, Velma?”

Later in the episode, Velma rants about children drawing genitalia.

“Our whole lives, girls are told by guys there’s a right way to be hot, and I’m not it. Guys even teach us to be ashamed of our own bodies,” Velma complains. “Every little kid knows how to draw a penis, but make a little kid draw a vagina, and what happens?”

“You go to jail?” Norville replies.

“Exactly,” huffs Velma.

“The dialogue is just strange and even pedophilic,” states Elise Ehrhard of NewsBusters, who described the show’s first two episodes as “orgy of nastiness and hate.”

“This show has gone from vicious and insufferable to downright creepy,” Ehrhard writes. “The series was already an endless litany of various pathologies — from resentment of female beauty to anger against white men. Now it has added another disturbing undertone with episode four.”

It’s difficult to comprehend how the show’s creators thought this R-rated material would fly with parents who grew up watching “Scooby-Doo.”

Conservative Hollywood and entertainment critic Christian Toto pointed to the disconnect between “Hollywood artists” and the viewing public.

“Hollywood artists don’t appreciate the frustration many feel about these woke makeovers,” he told Fox News Digital. “In their circles, diversity and social justice are vital tools in their storytelling kits.”

Tota said, “in turn,” audiences “often overreact.”

“They’re angry at not just one show but a cultural landscape that pushes these reboots,” he said. “So they lash out on properties like ‘Velma’ by slamming them on TV review sites and social media.”

But if “angry viewers” think their criticism will convince Hollywood to alter its course, Toto says they have another thing coming.

“What’s more interesting is that when confronted with angry viewers the response is often to double down and slam critics as racist, sexist, etc.,” he said. “We saw that with the backlash against ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ on Amazon Prime.”

Still, viewers are making their fury known.

The Daily Mail reports that “Velma” is now the third worst-rated show in IMDB history, behind an Amazon documentary on French footballer Paul Pogba and a Turkish musical about a girl who “has strong feelings.”

“Velma” received just a 1.3 rating out of a possible 10.

Forbes Senior Contributor Erik Kain called the cluster “a steaming pile of Scooby doo-doo.”

Paul Tassi, also writing for Forbes, stated, “Velma is so bad in fact, that it’s spawning conspiracy theories that creator Mindy Kaling made what is essentially a parody of what the right wing thinks left wing comedy is like.”

But few are laughing.

As one Twitter user stated, “The new Velma cartoon is an abomination.”


Melissa Fine


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