Kat Timpf’s ‘bunch of commies’ dig falls flat with one ‘Gutfeld!’ viewer who reminds her who’s the boss

When the studio audience’s reaction caused Fox News analyst Kat Timpf to heckle them as “a bunch of commies,” one at home “Gutfeld!” viewer’s reaction resulted in some unexpected delight.

“You do know that Greg is your boss?”

(Video: Fox News)

During a Friday discussion that called out the failures of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the response to COVID, host Greg Gutfeld turned to Timpf to get her take.

“Kat, you would love to reset all of government and make it smaller,” he suggested. “Is this just a pipe dream? A crack pipe dream?”

Taking the throwaway joke in stride, Timpf contended, “I don’t think the CDC needs to do better. I think it needs to do less.”

She closed out her libertarian-minded opinion by adding, “So, I don’t think it matters who is in charge. I just think it needs to be smaller.”

When that didn’t elicit a positive reaction from the audience members, Timpf quickly turned to call them out and slammed,”No? You guys a bunch of commies? OK.”

That did get the desired effect and left Gutfeld bemused and feigning outrage, “Well that was uncalled for, Kat!”

A back and forth ensued with the host poking at Timpf who grew increasingly passionate until her passion grew to a scream and all of this was too much for one person who needed to let it be known how “inappropriate that was.”

Responding to a tweet the analyst posted earlier in the day, the user who described her self as a conservative Christian wrote, “Your behavior tonight on Gutfeld was so inappropriate. Just because the audience didn’t clap for you, calling them commies was beyond rude. You do know that Greg is your boss? Screaming at him like you did should have you being written up for insubordination. No class!”

Whether expected or not, the user got a response unlike what she may have predicted as Timpf wrote, “Joanne, thank you so much for this. This is the absolute funniest thing I have seen all day long and I cannot stop laughing.”

Later on the concerned viewer went on to describe how she is a frequent watcher of the program and was caught off guard by the “screaming at the audience and Greg” after noting “Laughter is good medicine for the heart.”

That seemed to be the attitude the panel had as Timpf and Gutfeld went at each other as well as the hosts of “Fox & Friends” as she reported, “I’ve been up since 5:30 in the morning. You’re welcome ‘Fox & Friends.'”

When the host reminded her that it wasn’t his idea for her to go on the morning show she fired back, “They were nice to me there! People smile at ‘Fox & Friends’…They say good morning.”

Meanwhile, Gutfeld ripped into Timpf’s sob story as he suggested “Oh, I’m Joan of Arc because I got up at 6 a.m.” and then called out the niceties of the other program only happening “because they’re desperate.”

Kevin Haggerty


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