Anarchy, violence and chaos explode at UCLA!

A violent confrontation reportedly erupted Wednesday on the campus of UCLA between pro-Palestinian supporters and pro-Israel supporters.

The violence erupted a few hours after the school declared that a pro-Palestine encampment set up by students was “unlawful and violates university policy.”

“Just before midnight, a large group of counter-demonstrators, wearing black outfits and white masks, arrived on campus and tried to tear down the barricades surrounding the encampment,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reportedly “holding lumber and wearing goggles and helmets,” the pro-Hamas students then sought to defend their camp.

What proceeded afterward was hours of skirmishes involving objects being thrown, fireworks being set off, and pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters duking it out.

It took law enforcement hours to respond, mainly because the school didn’t request their help until sometime after midnight.

“The violence unfolding this evening at UCLA is absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable,” Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass tweeted at 4:47 am Wednesday morning. “LAPD has arrived on campus.”

Shortly after she posted the tweet, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they were on it:

“Horrific acts of violence occurred at the encampment tonight and we immediately called law enforcement for mutual aid support,” UCLA’s Strategic Communications office likewise said in a statement.

“The fire department and medical personnel are on the scene. We are sickened by this senseless violence and it must end,” the statement continued.

The school’s leftist teachers meanwhile were angry that the counterprotesters — not the original pro-Palestine protesters who started all this — weren’t put in their place.

“It gives people impunity to come to our campus as a rampaging mob,” Ananya Roy, a professor of urban planning, social welfare and geography, told the Times. “The word is out they can do this repeatedly and get away with it. I am ashamed of my university.”

Many online critics are also ashamed of the school, albeit for a vastly different reason — mainly for not shutting down the belligerent, obnoxious pro-Palestine protesters.

Meanwhile at Columbia University, over 100 pro-Palestine protesters were finally arrested late Tuesday.

“Nearly 100 people were arrested tonight at Columbia University as NYPD officers cleared Hamilton Hall, which had been taken over, and a tent encampment that students established to protest the war in Gaza,” NBC News reported.

The bad news is that all of the protesters have reportedly already been released without charges — just as happened during the violent Black Lives Matter riots four years ago.

Columbia University is where the recent now-nationwide pro-Palestine protests began a few weeks ago.

Vivek Saxena


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