Anti-Israel mob swarms Penn Station, but they’re no match for New York’s Finest

The lawless left was bested by New York’s Finest in a game of capture the flag Tuesday as the mobile mob traversed the city, swarming Penn Station.

As protests have been permitted to stretch on at college campuses across the country, the outside agitators have grown increasingly less concerned with covering up their lack of affiliation with schools being occupied. This was readily apparent when an effort to “Flood the Encampments for Gaza” saw an anti-Israel march of hundreds cross Gotham for a standoff with the NYPD.

While riot gear-adorned boys in blue were flushing out those who’d sought to seize Hamilton Hall at Columbia University, other members of the police were further uptown at the City College of New York raising the standard for the United States and casting a Palestinian pennant aside.

The moment was shared by NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry on X overnight as he captioned the removal of the protesters’ flag and re-raising of the American flag, “An incredible scene and proud moment as we have assisted @CityCollegeNY in restoring order on campus, culminating in raising Old Glory once again on their campus flagpole.”

The childish antics of the wannabe revolutionaries had made their way from Greenwich Village to Hamilton Heights Tuesday as they stopped at New York University, The New School, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Columbia and City College.

Outside NYU’s John A. Paulson Center, the New York Post had reported one protester shouting, “We have made it clear to the institution what the only appropriate resolution is. And we will not de-escalate, we will not decamp and we will not rest until this university — which has blood on its hands — cuts every last tie with a Zionist institution, to the Zionist entity.”

During the demonstration, reporter Talia Jane had captured vandalism to NYU President Linda Mills’ residence by “external community members in solidarity with NYU students” that included a red substance splattered across the exterior with a message that read, “Linda Mills: Your administration is complicit in genocide. Blood on your hands. Long live Gaza.”

The pampered protesters who’d been mocked over demands that they be provided food and drinks by the same schools they were demonstrating against showed an unwillingness to make the trek by foot to reach the further stops on their march, and instead converged on Penn Station, disregarding traffic in the process.

They could be seen entering the station without paying the fare as someone held the emergency exit open to the mob that made chants of, “Uptown A train you will see. Palestine is almost free!”

Of course, the “FA” portion of their day soon reached the “FO” part when the uptown colleges sought the NYPD’s assistance in clearing the activists who were given the no-nonsense treatment from law enforcement before mass arrests took place.

Kevin Haggerty


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