AOC celebrates ’23 wins of 2023′ – gets mocked six ways from Sunday

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) rang out the old year by gloating about her biggest “wins” of 2023 as the attention-starved narcissist took a bow for her cult-like social media followers.

In a five-minute video posted to X, a platform she promised to quit, the socialist diva crowed about her alleged accomplishments, one of them being the besmirching of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“We called on the Department of Justice to investigate Clarence Thomas for corruption and were joined by senior [Democratic] members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees,” AOC boasted.

The persecution of Thomas may not be quite the own of the legendary judge that she thinks and only underscored how truly racist her party still is against black people, at least those who don’t know their place on the Democratic party plantation.

Also on the list was ending the ban on the study of psychedelic drugs, a topic near and dear to the hearts and minds of bong-pounding Bernie Sanders supporters. Leading a “historic congressional delegation to Latin America” where she and fellow left-wingers trashed the U.S., organized community events and called for a ceasefire in Gaza to spare the Hamas terrorists before they’re completely wiped out by Israel.

In addition, Ocasio-Cortez took credit for the creation of President Biden’s new youth climate corps which has all the potential to end up being a standing army of brainwashed and committed climate zealots rife for the potential for mischief, a veritable police force for Green New Deal authoritarians.

The reactions to the yappy ex-bartender may have her thinking twice about taking an undeserved victory lap again next year.

“We’re back-back-back again. From announcing the American Climate Corps and supporting historic labor strikes, to responding to 1000s of neighborhood requests and getting school supplies to kids, it’s been a packed year,” AOC wrote in her post along with the video.

Chris Donaldson


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