David Axelrod sounds alarm, Dems blocking Trump from ballot ‘could rip the country apart’

The ongoing efforts by Democrat state officials to thwart the democratic process by banning former President Donald J. Trump from the ballot could have very serious consequences according to David Axelrod.

During an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” on the day after Shenna Bellows, Maine’s rabidly partisan secretary of state unilaterally moved to disqualify the Republican party frontrunner under an extremely dubious legal theory, the veteran political strategist warned that such moves will only help Trump while further dividing the country and undermining public faith in a system that’s already on the ropes in the eyes of tens of millions of Americans.

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Asked whether the moves by states such as Maine and Colorado and possibly others to come to disallow citizens to cast their votes for Trump could cause similar tit for tat maneuvers in red states where President Joe Biden could also be booted off ballots.

“Well, look, every norm that you shred is hard to reassemble, so you know there’s always that concern,” he said. “But just generally here, I would say that I’ve always believed that Trump, a lot of the motivation for his candidacy was as a legal defense strategy.”

“He knew that he was in jeopardy of being indicted on a number of different things and he wanted to set up a construct that has worked very well for him, which says that, you know, they’re coming after him because he is running for president and they’re trying to prevent him from being president,” he continued. “And this of course is the most blatant example in his telling that, you know, a state elected official in Maine can throw him off the ballot, that a court in Colorado can.”

“All of this is strengthening him in the Republican primary,” Axelrod continued. “We’ve run this experiment…he’s only gained since he started getting indicted. You know, what you thought might be kryptonite for him has turned out to be battery packs and this is a big one for him.”

“Presumably, the Supreme Court will deal with it fairly quickly and I expect that they will leave him on ballot, and yes… I have very, very strong reservations about all of this. I do think it would rip the country apart if he were actually prevented from running because tens of millions of people want to vote for him. I think if you’re gonna beat Donald Trump, you are probably going to have to do it at the polls,” he concluded.

Also on Friday, the former White House adviser to President Barack Obama shared a New York Times op-ed arguing that Trump shouldn’t be disqualified based on a highly questionable bastardization of the Civil War-era 14th Amendment that Democrats have weaponized for their lawfare campaign to manipulate the 2024 election.

“If you feel strongly about preserving our democracy, you shouldn’t embrace the move to bar Trump from the ballot based on ambiguous interpretations of the 14th Amendment. It would tear the country apart and, for many, further erode faith in our system,” Axelrod wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Referred to by some as the “Obama whisperer,” it could be that Axelrod’s speaking up is a signal that the anti-democracy Democrats have gone too far even for his former boss who could find out what its like to be on the receiving end if public revulsion only succeeds in swinging the election to Trump.

Chris Donaldson


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