AOC latest squad member to turn on Biden for doing Trump ‘impressions’

President Joe Biden’s political gambit on illegal immigration may fool some people but it isn’t sitting well with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who ripped her party’s leader.

With the border having now become an election-year issue with Democrats who are having to deal with their own cities being swarmed by illegal aliens, Biden is reportedly ready to make a deeply cynical move with an executive order so he can blame Republicans for the crisis at the upcoming State of the Union address.

Reacting to a CNN report that the geriatric career politician is considering staunching the flow of impoverished foreigners with the stroke of his pen, the socialist diva reacted by likening him to the hated Republican frontrunner in a post to X.

“Doing Trump impressions isn’t how we beat Trump,” wrote AOC. “Seeking asylum is a legal right of all people. In the face of authoritarian threat, we should not buckle on our principles – we should commit to them.”

“The mere suggestion is outrageous and the President should refuse to sign it,” she added.

Needing to shift public opinion as he sinks in the polls, especially in the aftermath of the devastating special counsel report that essentially found him too senile to stand trial, Biden’s handlers have targeted next month’s nationally televised SOTU as a chance for a “reset” for the stretch run along with an executive order on the border.

Of course, it’s all a stunt because in over three years, Biden hasn’t done squat to stem the tide of illegals when he could have, but it could sell with the sort of low-information types that swing elections.

Biden, however, is risking more backlash from progressives if he does make some minor moves for the sake of cosmetics and the loss of Ocasio-Cortez’s rabid followers and other pro-amnesty leftists could be problematic considering he’s already bleeding out Muslim voters over the Israel-Hamas issue.

Ocasio-Cortez’s fellow “Squad” member, raving antisemite Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) is whipping up resistance to Biden in next week’s Michigan Democrat primary to send “Genocide Joe” a message that he’d better bully Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu into a ceasefire in Gaza or else.

“Michigan voters are sending Biden a clear message in the February 27 Democratic primary that he can count us out. We are filling out the UNCOMMITTED bubble because we strongly reject Biden’s funding war and genocide in Gaza,” the group Listen to Michigan, which is headed by Tlaib’s little sister, says on its website. “Trump only won Michigan in 2016 by about 10,000 votes. Uncommitted Michigan Democrats opposed to Biden’s policy in Gaza can demonstrate that we hold his margin of victory for re-election. Biden must earn our vote through a dramatic change in policy.”

According to CNN, “No final decision has been made on the action under consideration, which involves using an authority known as 212f between ports of entry to try to clamp down on unlawful border crossings. An administration official noted that the administration often evaluates actions that could be taken, but they don’t always move forward.”

Chris Donaldson


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