L.A. firefighter suspended after wiping his butt with mandate letter given to him

CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storeandWeThePeople.winefor holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! An LAFD firefighter is currently under investigation over his response to the citywide COVID-19 vaccine mandate after being given […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Kevin McCarthy lacks votes to become Speaker

CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storeandWeThePeople.winefor holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is claiming that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) does not have the votes among […]

WHO officials, surprised by new ‘heavily-mutated’ COVID variant, to meet: ‘flying at warp speed’

Officials with the World Health Organization are planning to meet on Friday to address a substantial increase in COVID-19 cases in South Africa being blamed on a […]

Rittenhouse says photo with Proud Boys was a set-up by his former lawyer

Kyle Rittenhouse said during a Tuesday interview that he had no idea that those he posed for a picture with in January were members of the Proud […]

Critics blast leftist dangerous bail reform efforts following deadly Waukesha Christmas parade attack

Critics are decrying bail reform measures put in place by left-wing district attorneys after Darrell Bros Jr., who has been charged with multiple counts of murder for […]

Rittenhouse expands on why he fired Lin Wood: ‘He was going on with all this QAnon and election fraud stuff’

In a Tuesday interview, Kyle Rittenhouse explained that he fired L. Lin Wood, one of his first attorneys, because he embraced “insane” political conspiracy theories related to […]

‘Like a scene out of a movie’: Witnesses tell of ‘insane’ San Fran Nordstrom’s robbery by up to 80 thieves

As many as 80 looters donning ski masks and armed with crowbars and other weapons stormed into a Nordstrom store near San Francisco over the weekend in […]

It’s official: Majority of Americans blame Biden for higher prices, shrinking paychecks

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, many are experiencing so-called ‘sticker shock’ at the grocery store as they are forced to pay for just […]

In bid for Texas governor, Beto O’Rourke provides sad update on pledge to ‘take’ your guns

When he ran for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination last year, Robert Francis O’Rourke,nee “Beto,” pledged that he would take away the most popular sporting rifles from […]

Tucker Carlson celebrates after his work drives never-Trumpers Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes off of Fox News

Dominant Fox News host Tucker Carlson does not appear to be losing any sleep over the departure of two of the network’s longtime contributors, Jonah Goldberg and […]