‘We love Trump!’ Cheering union workers go wild for Trump in NYC. Will he flip the state?

Former President Trump paid a surprise visit to a construction site in Manhattan Thursday before he had to head for court and was greeted by thrilled union workers and fans who cheered him on.

It appears that union workers are turning out for Trump which is very, very bad news for President Biden. Fox News ran in-depth coverage of the stop but even outlets such as CBS and ABC covered it. Hundreds of supporters were practically swooning for the former president and it was way, way more than a photo-op. They could be heard chanting, “We love Trump! We love Trump! We love Trump!”

Trump was heading to court for the Stormy Daniel hush-money case where District Attorney Alvin Bragg has slapped him with 34 counts despite flimsy evidence and an expired statute of limitations in play. He’s being charged with allegedly falsifying business records to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels and Bragg is tying it into election tampering as well to try and make the case stick. The former president’s Supreme Court immunity hearing is also beginning in DC.

Trump greeted the throngs of supporters at the site… shaking hands and giving autographs. He received an amazing outpouring of affection and took questions from reporters before heading to court.

Trump told reporters that he thinks New York is in play for the presidency, “I’m going to make a play for New Yorkers. They said, I just heard, there was a very good poll that came out. Normally, a Democrat will win New York. Biden is the worst president in history, we have some very bad people here, but we have the greatest people and they’re right behind me. They all want us to run, and we’re going to run very hard in New York.”

“They’ve taken my constitutional right away with a gag order. That’s all it is, it’s election interference, this whole thing is election interference,” he asserted.

According to the New York Post, Trump’s campaign team handed out a document to union workers titled, “Union Workers Paying the Price for Biden’s Failed Economic Policies” that claims Trump will ban Chinese and foreign ownership of critical US infrastructure if he is re-elected. It also says that if re-elected he will cancel Biden’s electric vehicle mandate which is a message that is sure to sway union workers.

The former president also commented to reporters on his Supreme Court case, “We have a big case today – this judge wouldn’t allow me to go, but we have a big case today at the Supreme Court on presidential immunity.”

“A president has to have immunity,” Trump asserted. “If you don’t have immunity, you just have a ceremonial president.”

According to Fox News, he hit Biden where it hurt, “You could close the borders with one phone call. Close up the borders, Joe. Our country is going to hell.”

Fox News reporter Alexis McAdams also interviewed Trump, asking him about the union workers who brought their families to see him.

“This is a love fest. I built many buildings with them. They’re great people, great, great contractors and great people. And, I have a lot of support. I hear the Teamsters. You know, I’ve done a lot of work with Teamsters. I built a lot of buildings with the Teamsters, and they like me, a lot of teachers here. And it’s an amazing show of affection. But we did a great show,” Trump said.

“How important is the union vote? And you’re here in New York City. You’re talking with these members. Do you think you can maybe change some of their minds if they were lifelong Democrats to vote for you?” McAdams asked.

“I think these maybe were Democrats, but for me, they’re a Republican. There’s not a Democrat in there. These are people. Look at that building. Look what we can do. We built a lot of great buildings in the city with these people, and, they’ve given me great support. They’re really, amazing,” the former president told her.

If the crowd in Manhattan is any indication of the upcoming election, it’s safe to say that President Biden is in deep, deep trouble.


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