Banner fundraising year has Dems and GOP neck and neck in donations, and both sides bragging

Ahead of what is poised to be the most significant mid-term elections in recent history, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) revealed Friday to Fox Business that it has brought in a “whopping” $146 million in 2021, topping its previous off-election year fundraising record by an impressive $22 million.

Additionally, October-December fourth-quarter fundraising efforts brought in $39.7 million, marking the DCCC’s best odd-year fundraising quarter to date.

Of particular pride, noted the DCCC, is the more than $74 million in contributions that came from nearly 700,000 grassroots donors.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” DCCC chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney told Fox Business. “Voters want to see Democrats hold the House majority so we can keep delivering on the issues that matter most to Americans: good-paying jobs, supply chain solutions, and lowering prices.”

Well… clearly not all voters.

According to numbers released Thursday, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has shattered its own set of fundraising records.

With only five seats needed to flip the House of Representatives Red, the NRCC announced it brought in $140 million in 2021, a 65% increase over what it raised in 2019. Last month alone, the Committee collected $17.9 million in contributions, nearly double its December 2019 haul.

The NRCC started the new year with $78.2 million in its coffers, $4.3 million less than its DCCC rivals, but representing a staggering 146% increase over this point in the previous election cycle.

“Voters are ready to put an end to Democrat policies that have led to skyrocketing crime, rising prices, and open borders,” NRCC Chair Rep. Tom Emmer said in a statement.

The Minnesota Republican credited the success to the “hundreds of thousand of generous donors who are ready to fire (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

Also noted was House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s transfer of $25.3 million of his fundraising last year to the committee. Fox News reported Wednesday that McCarthy brought in an off-election record of $72.4 million in 2021.

At a time when progressive policies are tanking party approval ratings, and with 26 Democrats declining to seek re-election, the stakes this November could not be higher. Despite edging out the GOP’s fundraising take, Democrats must contend with an increasingly unhappy base and a failed overall agenda as it scrambles to hold onto its House majority.

Furthermore, according to FoxBusiness, Republicans have history on their side, noting that, “on average, the party that wins the White House in a presidential election loses more than 25 House seats in the ensuing midterm election.”

Melissa Fine


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