Bay Area school drops $250K on ‘woke kindergarten’ program – literacy, numeracy rates plummet

A San Francisco elementary school that invested $250,000 into “woke” education has predictably seen its students’ test scores plummet.

Two years ago, Glassbrook Elementary School paid $250,000 in federal grant money to Woke Kindergarten, a company that indoctrinates children in radically far-left, racial essentialist propaganda.

The company’s website states that it’s designed to support “children, families, educators and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-black and queer and trans liberation.”

Why did the school pay for this radical program? “[T]o train teachers to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression and remove those barriers to learning,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Evidently, school officials bought into the lie that racism is somehow preventing children from learning correctly. But they were dead wrong.

“[T]wo years into the three-year contract with Woke Kindergarten … student achievement at Glassbrook has fallen, prompting some teachers to question whether the money was well-spent given the needs of the students, who are predominantly low-income,” the Chronicle notes.

“English and math scores hit new lows last spring, with less than 4% of students proficient in math and just under 12% at grade level in English — a decline of about 4 percentage points in each category.”

Surprise, surprise …

But it gets worse. When confronted, district officials had the nerve to defend the program — and to do so based on false facts.

“District officials defended the program this past week, saying that Woke Kindergarten did what it was hired to do. The district pointed to improvements in attendance and suspension rates, and that the school was no longer on the state watch list,” according to the Chronicle.

Except the school is in fact STILL on the watch list. The only difference is that it’s “dropped to a lower level,” the Chronicle notes.

Whoops …

So just how radical is the Woke Kindergarten program? Well, its primary goal is reportedly to “disrupt whiteness.” Moreover, its trainers reportedly refer to America as the “so-called United States.”

Also, the program involves posing absurd, radical questions to students such as this: “If the United States defunded the Israeli military, how could this money be used to rebuild Palestine?”

The program even includes a “woke word of the day” to teach the “language of the [so-called] resistance” to children.

“[W]e use these resources to introduce children to liberatory vocabulary in a way that they can easily digest, understand and most importantly, use in their critiques of the system,” Woke Kindergarten’s website reads.

Some recent words include ceasefire, strike, abolish, protest, and anti-racist. As previously documented, so-called “anti-racists” are usually blatant racists who believe whites and Asians should be discriminated against to supposedly make life easier for blacks and Latinos.

FYI, President Joe Biden is himself a so-called “anti-racist”:

According to one anonymous Glassbrook teacher, it appears Woke Kindergarten’s “anti-racist” trainers are also anti-free speech.

“It slowly became very apparent if you were a dissenting voice that it’s not what they wanted to hear,” the teacher told the Chronicle.

Even more radical than the Woke Kindergarten program itself is its founder. Akiea “Ki” Gross is her name, and she’s a non-binary, pro-gay, and pro-transgender activist who hates the police. She hates the police so much that in 2020 she published a children’s video on YouTube in which she said, “I feel safe when there are no police.”

“Gross has also called for police to be defunded and abolished, condemned capitalism, said the government should ‘free them all’ [inmates] from prisons and accused the former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang of supporting genocide,” Fox News notes.

She’s a full-fledged, pro-criminal leftist, but one with undue influence thanks to school officials like the ones in San Francisco.

Though in fairness, local parents also had a role in Woke Kindergarten receiving a whopping $250,000 contract from the school.

“Hayward Superintendent Jason Reimann said the decision to hire Woke Kindergarten, which was approved by the school board, was made by the school community, including parents and teachers, as part of a federal improvement plan to boost student achievement by improving attendance,” according to the Chronicle.

Vivek Saxena


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