Minnesota mom arrested for alleged sexual romp with two boys, 15, after spat with hubby

From hot tub to hotel room, a Minnesota mom was arrested for alleged criminal sexual conduct with two boys she claimed “she wasn’t going to go through with.”

Marital issues were reportedly blamed for 39-year-old Allison Leigh Schardin’s alleged felonies in mid-January when her family found themselves staying at the same hotel as a visiting hockey team. According to a report from the Star Tribune, after being arrested Thursday the mother of two young sons admitted to sexual contact with two 15-year-old boys she’d engaged with in a poolside chat.

Faced with third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, Schardin was said to have been discussing her marital problems with team players visiting from Colorado while she, her husband and their children were having a staycation in Roseville on Jan. 14.

When the players had returned to their rooms, the Blaine, Minnesota mom was said to have sent a Snapchat asking if she could join them.

Once there, she was said to have started talking with the boys about “sex and stuff,” got into bed with two of the boys and questioned them about their sexual activity. It was then that she allegedly performed sexual acts on them and asked them to perform sexual acts on her while a third boy was said to have watched, according to the Tribune.

Minnesota law defined criminal sexual conduct in the third degree when a victim was under the age of 18 as, “A person who engages in sexual penetration with anyone under 18 years of age…if…the complainant is at least 14 but less than 16 years of age and the actor is more than 24 months older than the complainant.”

Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct was defined similarly, but for sexual contact alone and, based the details of the case, mistaking the complainant’s age did not count as a defense and consent was also ruled out.

Further details of Schardin’s allegations were provided by the Pioneer Press which reported that the mom had asked the boys how old they were and was said to have told them they were young enough to be her kids. It was also said that she proceeded to attend one of their hockey games during the tournament, after the alleged criminal conduct, and that she messaged the boys when they had returned home to Colorado.

Upon her arrest, she was booked in the Ramsey County Jail and, according to the Tribune, she admitted to having sexual contact with two of the boys and asking for a condom. Additionally, she “claimed she wasn’t going to go through with ‘it.'”

If convicted, the maximum sentence for the third-degree criminal sexual conduct included up to 15 years imprisonment and/or a fine up $30,000 while the penalty for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct maxed out at ten years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $20,000.

Her first court appearance was scheduled for Monday.

Kevin Haggerty


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