Beach-loving Biden dragged mercilessly for complaining about House vacation: ‘Two weeks? What are they thinking?’

A testy Joe Biden complained about the delay for his $60 billion giveaway to Ukraine which is currently stalled in the House of Representatives as lawmakers enjoy a two-week recess.

On Friday, the crotchety Democrat took a question from a reporter during his remarks on the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin who died in the Arctic penal colony where he was imprisoned.

Asked about the money for Ukraine and the U.S.-backed NATO proxy war on Russia, Biden bemoaned the idea that House lawmakers could go on vacation, a comment from a man who has spent a sizable chunk of his presidency away from the White House with much of it being spent at his two Delaware homes, including one at Rehoboth Beach.

“No, but it’s about time they step up, don’t you think?” Biden said when asked about whether he could get ammo into the hands of Ukraine without help from Congress.

“Instead of going on a two-week vacation. Two weeks, walking away. Two weeks?” Biden shouted. “What are they thinking? My God, this is bizarre, and it’s just reinforcing, and it’s just reinforcing all the concern and, and almost I won’t say panic, but real concern about the United States being a reliable ally. This is outrageous.”

While Congress does take an excessive amount of vacation on the taxpayer dime, the vacationer-in-chief is hardly the one to be griping about it and X users pounced on his hypocritical remarks.

According to the New York Post which examined public records, Biden spent 138 days relaxing at “either one of his Delaware residences, a posh vacation site or Camp David” in 2023, 37 percent of the year. The outlet had previously reported that he has spent 40 percent of his entire presidency on vacation.

Chris Donaldson


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