Mitt Romney makes big reveal about the 2024 election

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has now made it official, he won’t be voting for Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump in November if, as appears inevitable, he wins the nomination and a rematch with Joe Biden.

While the failed GOP presidential candidate has remained coy about who he would cast his vote for, there was little doubt that it wouldn’t be Trump, a man he loathes, and Romney has now ended the suspense once and for all.

Cornered by reporters at the Utah State Capitol, ‘Pierre Delecto’ said that the deal killer for him was “sexual assault,” referring to the former president’s sham trial in a New York City courtroom in which a jury pulled from an area that may hate Trump even more than Romney ruled against him, taking the word of columnist E. Jean Carroll who accused him of raping her without a smidgen of evidence, which Trump has repeatedly denied.

“I will not be voting for former President Trump and um, I must admit that I find sexual assault to be a line I will not cross in the people I select to be my president,” he said.

Last month, the outgoing senator ripped “out of touch” voters who would support Trump after a jury ruled he “raped” a woman, a flat-out lie. The jury found that Trump sexually abused Carroll, not raped her.

Once referred to by Trump as a “pompous ass,” Romney lived up to the billing with his sanctimonious declaration backing the $60 million giveaway to Ukraine as part of the $95 billion Senate foreign aid bill, previously and fraudulently known as the “border security” bill.

“The vote we will soon take to provide military weapons for Ukraine is the most important vote we will ever take as United States senators,” said Romney who never spoke in such sweeping terms about any money being used to help Americans at home.

At a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump mocked Romney for the time that he virtue-signaled by wearing a COVID mask and marching in D.C. with members of Black Lives Matter and other left-wing extremists as the George Floyd race riots raged in 2020.

The idea that Romney would even consider voting for Trump was laughable given his strange obsession with a man whom he once begged for an endorsement back when he was still entertaining White House dreams of his own. And while he didn’t say whether he would be voting for Biden, he didn’t rule out the possibility during an interview with NBC News.

“I’m not going to describe who I’ll rule out other than President Trump,” said Mitt who is not exactly known to be a team player.

In addition to his bizarre fixation with Trump, Romney will forever be known for his gagging away a winnable election to Barack Obama in 2012, unleashing the most radical president in the nation’s history for his second term, four years that the U.S. may never recover from.

Chris Donaldson


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