Befuddled Biden boasts about growing up in Polish community during Poland visit

In some ways, President Joe Biden is the perfect politician given his propensity to appropriate the heritage of whatever demographic he may be speaking to or that may fit a given political narrative at the time. Not a joke.

On Tuesday, after a surprise visit to Ukraine, a befuddled President Biden met with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw and boasted about growing up in a Polish community.

“I was, as a young man, I was born in a coal town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, northeastern Pennsylvania, in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood,” Biden said. “Then when coal died, we moved down to Delaware, to a town called Claymont, Delaware, which was a working-class town, but everybody in town was either Polish or Italian. I grew up feeling self-conscious my name didn’t end in an S-K-I or an O.”

“But all kidding aside, the connection between — I was telling the president, the pride, the overwhelming, demonstrable pride that Polish Americans feel about Poland and the role you are playing now, we were talking about it, it is extreme,” he continued. “It is. You would be — if you haven’t seen it, you should come and see it.”

Imagine the surprise of the Puerto Rican community to hear this, given that while touring hurricane damage on the island last year, Biden spoke of a “large Puerto Rican population in Delaware — relative to our population” and claimed that he was “sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.”

Or the black community. After all, Biden claimed during a 2020 speech to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition, “I got raised in the black church.” The remark coming as the Democratic politician claimed to be involved in the civil rights movement helping organize anti-segregation protests in the early 1960s — a claim that does not hold up when fact-checked.

Oh, and on top of having ties to the Polish, Puerto Rican and black communities, the president also has some Italian in him.

While speaking at the Annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon last year, Biden said, “I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter, so… I got a little Italian in me now, you know?”

Naturally, he flubbed the line, given that Giacoppa was actually Jill Biden’s grandfather, not her father.

It seems Biden is a blank slate ready to morph into whatever he needs to be to carry the day… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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