Ben Shapiro torches Barbie to punctuate damning review of ‘woke’ film: ‘Flaming piece of dogsh*t’

Ben Shapiro’s over 40-minute take on “Barbie” required a garbage can and a match before begging the question “Who is the intended audience for the film?”

Hyperbole is in the eye of the beholder and if the Daily Wire editor emeritus’ take was any indication, he took a bullet for conservatives Friday when he went to see the toy-based film he colorfully described as a “flaming piece of dogsh*t.”

Before Shapiro dove into his lengthy, note-referencing diatribe on the movie he considered a top ten of all-time worst films, he provided a visual aid in “the most Oppenheimer fashion” honoring its opening weekend competition about the development of the atomic bomb.

As part of the introduction to his review, the podcast host tossed a Barbie doll over his shoulder into a trashcan where another Barbie was seated beside a Ken doll. Shapiro then lit a match and watched as the toys were set ablaze.

“Let me begin with my generalized assessment of the movie,” he said early in his review. “This movie is not just a piece of sh*t. This movie is a flaming piece of dogsh*t piled atop an entire dumpster on fire, piled atop a landfill filled with dogsh*t.”

Friday, Shapiro had teased that his review was incoming when he posted an image of himself at the theater and wrote, “My producers dragged me to see ‘Barbie’ and it was one of the most woke movies I have ever seen. My full review of this flaming garbage heap of a film will be out on my YouTube channel tomorrow at 10am ET.”

Saturday, he delivered and tore into the movie for which the only saving grace came in the production design, which the host pointed out was hard to get wrong.

“It’s really hard to screw that up because you literally have this,” Shapiro continued pointing to some of the toys, “to model after. All you have to do is this, but big.”

He proceeded to summarize the takeaway from the movie which he gathered was, “politically speaking, is that men and women are on two sides of the divide, and they hate each other. And literally, the only way you can have a happy world is if the women ignore the men and the men ignore the women.”

“That seems to be the final outcome of this film. I was trying to separate this into problems with plot and problems with character and problems with the politics…but they’re all intertwined because the thing is just a mess,” Shapiro decried. “It just doesn’t make any sense. Plot-wise, it makes no sense. Character-wise, it makes no sense.”

All of that for a PG-13 film that appeared to be marketed toward young and middle-aged moms to accompany their young daughters. Those critiques came before he even approached a series of jokes he described as being about “gay masturbation.”

“I find it upsetting when material is based on children’s IP and marketed to little girls actually ends up being angry feminist claptrap that alienates men from women, undermines basic human values, and promotes falsehood all at the same time,” the Daily Wire personality noted. “I think a lot of people are gonna have a right to be mad.”

As for the fact that “Barbie” had pulled in over $70 million for its premiere, more than doubling the premiere of “Oppenheimer,” Shapiro predicted that the second weekend would see a total drop-off as the marketing had been enough to bait viewers in, but there would be little interest in repeat views.

The entirety of his review can be viewed here:

Kevin Haggerty


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