Biden beclowns himself with KC Chiefs helmet during visit by the NFL champs

President Joe Biden welcomed the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs to the White House and many thought he made a total fool out of himself when he donned one of the team’s helmets.

On Friday, the three-time NFL champions paid the traditional visit to Washington, D.C. to be honored for their title on a day when Biden savored the conviction of former President Donald J. Trump and called for a ceasefire in Gaza, both red meat issues for the Democrat base.

But it was the red helmet sported by Biden that made headlines, another off-script nightmare for his handlers with the image being widely mocked and likened to 1988 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis’ infamous tank photo-op that made him into a punchline.

(Video: Fox2 Detroit)

During the ceremony, Biden hailed the Chiefs, the NFL’s latest dynasty, and likened their two consecutive Super Bowl wins to his own hoped-for reelection.

“Winning back-to-back — I kind of like that,” the president said, adding, “When the doubters question if you can pull it off again, believe me, I know what that feels like.”

When handed the helmet by Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, Biden first tried to put it on while wearing his beloved aviator shades but struggled and then removed them before awkwardly stuffing his head inside, and playing it up for the cameras while the team laughed uproariously.

The Chiefs players weren’t the only ones laughing, as Biden was ridiculed by X users with some noting that the helmet couldn’t be more fitting for a man who at times struggles to stay on his feet.

“It was cool to see him put the helmet on,” superstar Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes later told reporters when the celebration was over. “We didn’t expect that.”

Also in attendance at the ceremony was Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker who has been the target of a vicious leftist attack campaign over recent remarks in which he was highly critical of “degenerate cultural values” and the “devout Catholic” Biden’s championing of abortion.

Chris Donaldson


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